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Geek to Chic 8

Updated on September 26, 2013

Part 8

The three friends woke up from their sleep and saw Morgan’s parents. Josh and David said good morning and Morgan hugged her parents and removed her headgear to drink some juice. Morgan’s parents asked if they were excited for school on Monday. She said yeah but the boys mumbled and groaned. “Come on guys. You’re juniors now; in one more you’re seniors and off to college,” said Morgan’s dad while he was pouring himself coffee. Morgan agreed with him, but Josh and David were still skeptical. Morgan grabbed a donut and gave her friends plain bagels, Josh asked if Morgan was doing anything later. She told him that she is meeting Mia later on in the afternoon. She hasn’t seen her all summer and wanted to know how her internship was. Her parents went to sit in the dining room and Morgan and her friends sat on the island to talk. They talked about how this year will be different and how they will not be bullied this time. Morgan felt like a new person coming back from her trip and more confident and hoped that her friends did too.


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