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Geek to Chic Part 9

Updated on September 26, 2013


Josh was made fun of his sneezing, jocks saying that it sounded like a girl. Morgan thought it sounded more of a ‘prekerchoo’, a little noise that he makes when he sneezes. David was okay, but people in school made fun of the way he ran like someone from a horror movie and they used to dunk his head in the toilet. No one made fun of Mia; the students always wondered why she talks to us. But she didn’t care because we are all BFFs and stood up for us. Morgan was made fun from head to toe and they even threw food at her twice during lunch. But she kept her head high and prevailed. This year none of her friends will stand idly by being hurt. Morgan told Josh and David to cheer up and agreed with what her dad said. “By the time you know it, college is here and no one would care what we do.” Except that the fact that we will go as virgins, mumbled Josh. Morgan rolled her eyes and told them this year we will all not be virgins, probably. “The way you guys changed physically over the summer, girls will flock to you this time.” Morgan said assuring but in a hush tone so her parents won’t hear. Dave smiled and Josh laughed.



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    • i scribble profile image

      i scribble 4 years ago

      Nice story, and I like the way you worked in the word prekerchoo. It fits really well with this story and the character. Sounds like the geeks will be growing out of their awkward stage soon! Good job.