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Geek to Chic 5

Updated on July 27, 2013


Josh and Dave left Morgan’s house and she told them she will see them this weekend for their sleepover. “Oh my God, did you see how hot she got?” Josh almost yelled it out but Dave shushed him and said you can’t call your best friend hot. “Dude like seriously, she changed and for the better. But she doesn’t know that she looks nice.” Josh was still stunned at how that happened. Morgan is pretty but she has never been the one to accessorize and actually wear match her clothes. Dave noticed too that how she has changed her wardrobe, but that is still his friend and shouldn’t think of her like that. They didn’t talk as much as they used or responded as much because they were still shocked. They never thought of her like that at all, but things are different now. “So what do you think is going to happen at the sleepover on Friday?” asked Dave. “Are you kidding?” said Josh, “It’s going to be awesome. She’s probably going to wear some lingerie or slip that she bought at a boutique and some kind of sexy slippers.” Dave shook his head and told him that is not going to happen. “Why would she parade around in underwear in front of us?” Josh told him how she was bending over when she dropped her Cheetos and how she reached over to get the rest of her clothes. Dave was still unsure and thought Josh was stupid to say that but he couldn’t wait for this weekend.


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