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Geek to chic 1

Updated on July 10, 2013


My name is Morgan and ever since I was little, I wore glasses and braces. It didn’t bother me, because I always thought I looked good. Not everyone in school thought so. I was always picked on. My three best friends Mia, Josh and David have never criticized how I looked, but I always had a feeling that they talk about it. I started wearing glasses in the third grade and they were purple and looked like aviator glasses. One day at school, me Josh and David were at lunch eating sloppy joes. Mia was at home sick that day. While eating, two jocks came and pour milk all over our table. “Oh my God, you have milk all over you,” said one jock in a laughing voice. I wasn’t mad but just disappointed at how dumb they are. “Wow, I’m surprised you know another liquid besides pee” I said. Josh and David laughed but the jocks said “whatever four eyes and left. Bunch of savages in this school I thought to myself. “You know they all touch each other in the shower right?” I said and they laughed again. While eating, I spilled some sloppy joe sauce on my pants so I wiped it with my hands. David saw it and told me that I act like a guy sometimes with the way I dress and carry myself. I thought that it was a good thing, but my friends obviously don’t think so. Mia even told me that I dress like a bag lady and no one would want to talk to you if I dress like that. I always listen to constructive criticism, but I actually don’t care. I guess I could change my style, but more me.

To be continued....


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