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Geek to chic 11

Updated on November 18, 2013

Part 11

Part 11:

It was finally here. Monday morning could not get here any sooner. I was actually excited to see old faces and new faces. I have always loved the first day of school: new paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, three ring binders, highlighters and colored pencils for art. Yes I am indeed a geek, but for education, movies and TV shows. Mia was excited to tell people about her internship; Josh and David were not up to it however. The boys hated the fact that they were back here to be tormented the entire year. But I told them that this year will be different. As walked into the school, I was just so happy about it. In my skinny jeans, graffiti top and by favorite black jeans jacket I felt real good. Mia was already approached by two guys telling her that she looked good. Josh and David were ignored at first but three girls winked at them. I smiled and went to the wall where there were lists of students’ names to tell us where our homeroom classes are. I found my name with it saying it is on the second floor in room 215. Mia had the same homeroom as well, but Josh was on the first floor and David was one the third. “Morgan, where’s your homeroom?” asked Josh. I told him second floor with Mia, you’re on the first and David is on the third. “Aww man. I thought we would all be together” Josh said disappointed. I was as well and shrugged, but we still had to see our class schedule. “I guess we’ll be spending mornings together” a guy said behind me. As I turned, he smiled at me and I not going to lie he was attractive. With his green eyes and blonde short hair, I returned a smile and nodded when he walked away. “Dork” Josh mumbled. “How was he a dork, he seemed sweet” I told him. “Please, with his greasy hair, and he was excited to be in homeroom” he said practically scoffing. I rolled my eyes and found Mia, telling me she saw who talked to me and he seemed hot. I told her that we will be in homeroom together. She squealed and told me to scoop him up, but I didn’t respond. We didn’t see David, so we looked around and saw him talking to the principal. When we approached him, he told us that we have the junior meeting at noon. Telling David he was on the third floor, he said ok and to see us at lunch. Mia and I went to our class to see that our teacher was Mr. Cercezimo or Mr. C if we couldn’t pronounce his name. He was actually kind of cool and laid back when he talked. We got our schedules and I and Mia have three classes together. I couldn’t wait to see the guys schedule; it will be a good year this year.


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