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Geek to chic 6

Updated on August 4, 2013


I was so excited for this sleepover; I even made my favorite brownies for tonight. I wore my favorite onesie pajamas with SpongeBob and Patrick on it. I wore my retainer and glasses as well, because at night I take off my contacts early in the night to risk not sleeping with them. We have not does this since we were ten years old for some unknown reason. I got our favorite movies and have been calling Mia for the past thirty minutes. She finally called me back and told me she might not make it because she has a family outing to her favorite Greek restaurant. I told her OK and waited for Josh and David. My two brothers Mark and Tony, who are 10 and 13, came down stairs to ask me if they can be in the sleepover, I told them no. They asked my parents and they told me to let them join us, but that ruins my plans because I wanted us to watch “Inglourious Basterds”. And I know my parents won’t let me watch it with my brothers around. The doorbell rang and I checked the peephole and it was Josh and Davis; Josh brought gummy bears and David brought Oreo cookies. I invited them in and told them about the brownies and that my brothers had to be with us because my parents said so. My parents were going out to our neighbors’ house and won’t be back until midnight. I told my brothers they could stay but I knew the latest they would sleep is at 9pm. We couldn’t any of the movies I had, so I played ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ movie for them. But they didn’t fall asleep yet, so I played their favorite movie ‘The Avengers’. It was our favorite movie too as well. “Hey can I get a brownie,” asked Josh. I told him sure they are in the kitchen. While he went to the kitchen, Mark asked David if we were all going to kiss when they go to sleep. “Oh my God no, why are you asking that question?” I told them with a half-smile, because he can be so adorable at times when he ask questions. “They are two guys and Tony told me about when a guy and a girl like each other, they kiss and it leads to them on the bed and….” Ok that was it; it was time for bed for both of them. I took them upstairs to sleep, told them goodnight and went back downstairs. I asked the guys if they still wanted to watch ‘The Avengers’ or get our Quentin Tarentino marathon on. “I actually wouldn’t mind making out with you for a while,” said David. Josh nodded as well. I gave them a look and told them in my sarcastic voice yeah sure; let me take my clothes off first. They both got a little excited but then realized I was kidding and called me a tease.


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