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Gender Swap Adventure Time Fanfic

Updated on May 14, 2014

Everyone was in the ballroom of Princess Bubblegum’s castle, for the unraveling of the “Dimension portals.” Finn and PB were at the bottom of the steps of the stage talking about the portals.

“I have finally got the portals stable enough for time travel and other dimensions!” PB said to fin excitedly.

“That’s totally rhombus Princess.” Finn said.

“I know I’ve been working on this project for so long!” PB said acting exhausted.

“Ya so what are we gonna do with the portals anyway?” Finn asked.

“Yes, I will explain that to everyone up here.” PB said motioning to the stage. “Speaking of…” PB said walking up the stairs on stage.

“Welcome everyone to the big unraveling of not only the portals but the history of how Ooo came to be! With these portals we will be able to go back in time and observe how times were back before the great Mushroom War! REJOICE!” PB said putting her hands up in the air in emphasis.

The room was loud with chatter of the portals, then ice king raised him hand for a question.

“OH! Oh! Oh! Princess!” ice King eagerly said.

“Yes, ice king.” PB said annoyed.

“Would the portal be able to travel to other world like for example . . . an opposite universe?” Ice King asked while in the crowd shuffling threw the Gender swap fanfic picture’s he made.

“Oh” PB said surprised at his somewhat interest in science. “Yes, I suppose that you would be able to go to opposite dimensions I have a switch for it on my portal remote but for now until further explored will only be for educational purposes only.” PB stated.

“Ok, thank you.” Ice King said politely.

The room was once again loud with talk of the mushroom war and such while Finn and Jake were talking somewhat near a portal. PB was talking with Marceline and lady next to Finn and Jake turning into a big group.

Ice King walked towards the portal near them and looked into it.

“Gunter, I can almost see Fionna already.” Ice king sighed talking to Gunter he turned around to Gunter but he wasn’t there.

“Gunter? Gunter? Where are you Gunter?” Ice king asked.

Out of the corner of Bubblegum’s eye she say Gunter on a table were the portal remote was . . . and Gunter was holing it.

“Oh there you are Gunter Ice King said as he walked to the table Were Gunter was holding the remote.

Gunter held up the remote that was still set to opposite dimension from when PB was showing Ice King and threw it to the ground almost shattering it.

“No!” PB ran to the remote knowing it was a matter of seconds till the portal burst picked up the remote and the portal exploded. The portal sucking in whoever was closest sucked in Finn, Jake, Marceline, PB, and ice king then evaporated with the 5 in the portal.

The portal opened up right in the middle of the field between the Candy Kingdom and Finns house.

“What the math just happened.” Finn asked.

“Well it seems the portal worked but now I have to go back to the lab a start to rebuild the portals.” PB said angrily.

“Where are we?” asked Ice King.

“Outside the Candy Kingdom you idiot.” Finn replied annoyed.

“Wait, who are they?” Marceline asked pointing to three people not that far from them staring.

“Maybe we should ask them were we are first, just to be sure.” Said PB.

They waked over to Fionna, Marshall Lee, and cake. “Whoa, Finn I think you got an admirer! And Marceline to!” Jake said as fionna and Marshall came into view.

Ice King ran at them screaming “There real! THERE REAL!”

But as he ran closer to fionna, fionna with her Ice Queen butt kicking instincts.

“What the lump Ice queen what are you doing!” Mistaking Ice King for Ice Queen.

But with Ice King in a total fan boy moment could just say “Her voice is even better than I imagined!” and other junk like that.

“Fionna? Has gumball been experimenting with clones again? Cause this has gone way to far.” Marshall said looking at the gang.

“Come on guys, I’m pretty sure this is an opposite dimension so let’s go make a good first impression.” Princess Bubblegum said.

But then Prince Gumball came running to fionna and Marshall not looking up from the detection device he was holding. “Fionna I just detected a dimension presence if you see anything suspicious come get me right away. Then PG looked up and saw the backs of the first dimension

Princess bubblegum turned to look at Gumball and they said in unison “Whoa.”

Some of the others turned toward Gumball. PB got up the courage to go and talk to him.

“Gumball who are they?” fionna asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry I’m Princess Bubblegum from the land of Ooo this is Finn, Jake, Marceline, and that is Ice King.” PB explained motioning to all of them as she said who they were.

“I’m Prince Gumball of Aaa and they are Fionna and Marshall Lee.”

“Oh, sorry I thought it was Ice Queen.” Said fionna.

“Well we need a little help, Gunter destroyed my portal device and now were stuck here.” PB said holding the device in her hand.

“Well I better help you with that because . . .” He said interrupted by PG

“The time state continuum could be hit out of balance and tear through the fabric of the universe.” PB interrupted.

“Precisely.” PG said impressed .

“Well we better get to the lab before anything gets flipped up.” Said PG

“Whoa whoa whoa what are we supposed to do?” Finn asked.

“Well your doubles are over there, go say hi.” PB answered.

Finn walked with Jake and Marceline to fionna and Marshall Lee with ice king still on the ground. Ice King got up and said.

“Fionna my dear I created you.” Ice King said creepily.

“What?” Fionna asked creeped out but there was something about him she was familiar about.

“It’s alright if you hit him.” Finn said.

“And Ice King you didn’t create them we just went to the opposite dimension.” Jake said.

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Thank for reading this, I really appreciate it. As you can see I'm not done with the Fanfic because I want there to be some adventures like with flame prince and cake and Jake because as some people have seen I the episode "Box Prince" Jake don't like cats. So please put some Ideas down below! Thank You!


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