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General Books About Chris Kyle And His Life

Updated on April 8, 2015

Books About Chris Kyle

Books about Chris Kyle seems to come out every month on the amazon shop. There are many different styles about the navy seal Texas star and many more may come out in the future. Chris Kyle is one of the deadliest American snipers in us military history and that is going to inspire some great literature of course. There are three main styles of books that get high reviews on amazon and that the quote book, the trivia books and the biographies or short memorial books. These are all great books that provide a lot of great info on Chris and after reading one you will be pleased and want to thank the author for such great work.

The first book that provides awesome info on Chris Kyle is the quote book. You can get these in paperback, audio or kindle e book format and each are very suitable for this type of book. The quote book is filled with quotes from Chris Kyle's life and they provide some great info on his characteristics and personality. The quote books sell so well because info provided within them are so beneficial to the reader if the reader wants to have some actual facts about Chris Kyle.

The next type of book you will find about Chris is the trivia book witch is a great book for learning more info on Chris. Trivia books are great because they are fun and they also test you on the info you are reading about. If you want to make sure you actually gaining a lot of info from a book then having the ability to test yourself is really valuable and increases your learning. With a trivia book you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot in the process.

The next, final and most common style of book about Chris Kyle you will find is a short biography or memorial book witch is packed with great info. Chris himself released American Sniper in January of 2012 and it quickly became a bestseller. This was a great book but sadly there was a lot of false information contained in this book witch makes it not the best for accurate information. Regardless it's still worth a good read through but then combined with other books that are more factual based.

The legend of Chris Kyle is will be in American military history for a long time and many books will be released on him. Learning about Chris can improve your life in many ways by seeing his example of courage in the world amazing things can happen. He was an amazing guy and helped a lot of people during his life and sadly because of his false claims in his book some people have chosen to forget about that. He still is an American hero and hopefully more people will recognize that and his legend will go down in history forever.

Chris Kyle OverView

Chris Kyle was 8 years old when he first began shooting with a bolt-action 30-06 Springfield rifle. He hunted deer,pheasant and quail with his father in Texas close to their home in Odessa. Kyle began his training with the Basic underwater Demolition Seal School in 1999. He got his first major kill during the initial invasion of iraq killing a woman the only female kill he's ever had to made. He's survived three gunshot wounds, two helicopter crashes and six IED attacks and also a great deal of surgeries.

Chris Kyle was 24 years old when he enlisted in military after being convinced by a navy seals recruiter to join the NAVY SEALS. He was a rodeo rider previous to this but his cowboy rodeo career ended abruptly due a serious injury. This is what eventually lead him to join the military and eventually his legendary status as a NAVY SEALS sniper. Chris Kyle was Assigned to SEAL Team 3 and went through four combat tours in Iraq. He has 255 claimed kills in his record but only 160 were confirmed during his time in the military. He eventually leaves the military in 2009 so that he can become more involved with his family.

Chris Kyle survives four combat tours in Iraq from 2003 to 2009 and has lived through a lot of close calls. Chris lost some good friends in battle and was shot twice and survived two helicopter crashes during his combat tours. He fought alongside some of the most hardcore military combatants the U.S has to offer. The young sniper has been through a lot and has seen a lot during his short time in the military. Sadly after surviving all of these incidents he is shot and killed in 2013 by a fellow Iraq war veteran by the name of Eddie Routh who was found guilty in 2015 of February.

Chris being a NAVY SEAL used a variety of rifle's and other weapons during his time in the military. He naturally showed preference to certain guns which he just seemed to like better then others that were provided for him. When in service you don't have to much of a choice of which rifle you will be using. You are simply issued a rifle and then you use it which is fine in a rifle expert like Kyle's case. When he left the military though and he could choose any rifle he wanted there was one that he preferred as mentioned in his book was the weapons systems made by GA precision which he liked so much since the company paid very close attention to their weapons.

The legend of of an expert rifle man like Chris Kyle makes for a really good story. This is why there are so many books on Chris Kyle out now a days. Many military combatants will look up to him for his courage and deadly accuracy in the NAVY SEALS. You will also continue to find more and more info coming out as more details are being revealed. There were a lot of claims in Chris Kyle's book that where simply untrue and this info will be coming out soon as well. The true story actually surpasses the false claims by all means which is something that is very appealing right now especially for other Americans.

Books About Chris Kyle That Keep Coming

Books about Chris Kyle made a huge impact on Kyle's popularity and his fame grew especially when he released his book the American Sniper. He wasn't sure about writing the book but after being persuaded and learning that other books about SEALS where also being written he luckily wrote the book. Once the book was written Chris paired with FITCO which is a nonprofit organization that provides life coaching and fitness equipment as well as many other great things to in-need veterans. Chris Kyle also appeared on a lot of talk shows that spoke about his book and also appeared on a reality t.v. Show named Stars Earn Stripes. He also had to defend claims that were stated in his book on reality talk shows as well.

After Chris Kyle releases the book American Sniper he received a lot of attention and he also used his sudden profit increase for things that he felt were important. He quickly paired up with FITCO which helps in need veterans with valuable care. Veterans that usually have certain disabilities like post traumatic stress as well as many other disabilities benefit greatly from these programs. FITCO created the Heroes Project and the Heroes Project was made to provide free in home exercise equipment, individual program, personal training and life coaching.

When Chris Kyle's book was out for the public to read Chris began to appear on many talk shows and reality t.v. Shows as well. One t.v. Show he appeared on was Stars Earn Stripes which was easy for him as Chris was more than qualified to be on a such a show. Stars Earn Stripes is a reality show that features celebrities trianing to use weapons and various combat tactics with real special operation or law enforcement professionals. Kyle trained Dean Cain who is an actor and Cain learned a lot from Chris Kyle's training.

In the books about Chris Kyle there are many things that spring up that most people don't believe is true. In Kyle's book especially there are some claims that have never been proven to be true and the media took a hold of this. One example of this is Chris Kyle's new Orleans story that Chris Kyle claims was a special ops mission given to him during the katrina incident. He said he killed a bunch of looters during the Katrina incident and there is no evidence to back any of this up. So the media called him out on it and he denied it up and down and never said anything more about it.

There will continue to be books about Chris Kyle that show different sides of his life and personality. He's story will hopefully live on throughout the ages especially because of his outstanding courage. Learning about Chris is valuable to anyone's life as Chris Kyle is an example of a true American hero that would do anything for his fellow servicemen. He's story will have to live on and there is no doubt that he will be remembered for ages and ages. The stories on Chris Kyle may get muddled up in the process but luckily it is easy to find good books about Chris Kyle that reveal the truth of who he was.

Claims made by Chris Kyle

Books about Chris Kyle no doubt depict him as being a hero and this is the truth in most cases. Chris Kyle did some amazing things during his time in the military and he is a legend and a real true American hero. In Kyle's own book however there seems to be a few claims that most people believe are completely untrue. Three claims that have been spoken of is Kyle's claim to have punched Jesse ventura in the face, his claim to have been deployed at new Orleans for a special ops mission that required him to shoot over fifty looters and his claim to have shot two carjackers that tried to steal his car. These are the three major claims that due to lack of evidence has the public pretty suspicious of Kyle's book.

The incident of Jesse Ventura being decked in the face by Chris Kyle caused a huge lawsuit in which Jesse had to force publishers to excise the claim from Kyle's book. In Chris's book Chris mentions that he was at McP and Jesse Ventura happen to be there. Chris says that Jesse made a comment about a SEAL killed in Iraq that was completely insulting and at that moment Kyle walked up to him and punched right in the face. Ventura completely denies that this ever happened due to lack of evidence Jesse wins the lawsuit is awarded for property damages.

The second claim is that Chris Kyle killed looters during Hurricane Katrina. This is also a false claim that started in a not so obvious way with Kyle telling the story to a private group of SEALS. This was a simple statement that started off as a rumor and as more and more people heard about it the rumor got blown out of proportion. There has never been any special ops missions that military leaders have heard about and they've spoken about this public for all U.S. Citizens to know. Also there have been no bodies found to support this claim in anyway so due to the lack of evidence we have to assume that the claim was only a rumor and nothing more.

The third false claim is Kyle supposively shooting two carjackers in Texas that had Kyle held up. The story appeared in the D Magazine in April of 2013 and it got a lot of attention when it first came out. Kyle shot both robbers by taking out his COLT 1911 and shooting the first robber in the chest twice and hit the second twice in the chest and both men fell dead. Kyle then waited on police and when they arrived they detained him. They ran his driver's license and got only a phone number for the departmen of defense and after calling they were explained to that they were in the presence of one of the most skilled fighters in U.S. Military history. They let him go after watching the footage and understanding that is was only a case of self defense.

The story that were claimed here are great stories but again that's all they are simply stories. There is no evidence to back up any of these claims and that is the main issue with the claims themselves. The only sad part is that Chris eventually went on to publicly defend these claims which makes him a liar which is something we don't need in America today. We still need to remember thought that there is a lot to learn about with the skilled American hero Chris Kyle. He was a brave SEAL who accomplished a lot and his legacy deserves to live on.

Horrific Incident

The horrific incident that affected our American hero Chris Kyle was a horrifying day for all loved ones and for all o America. This incident even produced more books about Chris Kyle to be released on stores all around. Thousands pay their respects to Chris Kyle at a Cowboys Stadium in Dallas that lasted for over two hours. The killer of Chris Kyle, Eddie ray Routh was taken to jail February 2 of 2013. He spent a full 2 years in jail before getting to trial and then he was finally convicted of murder and found to be guilty February of 2015. He will be serving a lifetime in prison with no chance of freedom.

The day Chris Kyle was shot was a horrifying day for all people involved. Eddie ray routh was though of to be a little crazy even by Chris Kyle's standards. There were text messages revealing that Kyle was definitely aware that Eddie was a little off his rocker so it was clearly obvious to Kyle and Little field that they were dealing with someone who was a bit mentally insane. They wanted to help Eddie by going to a shooting range which is just something that military folks do. They thought of it as therapy the only problem was the idea of letting someone with severe mental problems handle a weapon around other people.

The memorial service for Chris Kyle and LittleField took place at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium on February 11, 2013. The memorial service drew in a huge crowd of around 6,500 to 7,000 due to the fame he gained through his best selling book the American Sniper. The service was also broadcasted on local television stations around the area. Taya also paid respects LittleField who was a dear friend of Chris that was a friend Chris needed more than anything. There were pictures of his childhood through to his adulthood shown on the vision board that was behind his flag draped coffin.

Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of murder in February of 2015 and is now serving life in prison. He admited to killing ex-Navy SEAL Kyle and Littlefield but sayed he had the excuse that due to his psycotic break he couldn't be accounted for his actions. This didn't hold up in court due to certain signs during his arrest that he was still in control of his actions and in fact knew that what he was doing was wrong. Due to this he was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 27 and he will never be getting out. So in the end he was held responsible for his actions and because of that he is now in prison for life.

Books about Chris Kyle will continue to be released and different sides of his story becomes more public. He is still in the spot light due to his best selling book the American Sniper and his fame will only continue to grow as his story becomes more public. The horrifying actions of Eddie Ray Routh may have stopped Kyle but his story will live on for ever. His story is the most important thing as this man's life is powerful and his story must be told to entire world.


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