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Updated on March 9, 2016

The generation of 2016


We are the generation that shapes and molds

We are the key that the future holds

We mistreat, and beat each other down to the ground

We go unknown to frowns around

This generation is one of a kind

The only ones to ignore the world arounds us, being blind

The ones who have no values but smoking and drinking

Not even relizing they are sinking

Sinking to a bottemless pit of the fast lane of life

Making the world become a world of strife

Generation of the future, well future does not look bright

Instead dark, dark as a deserted alley at night

Generations before us took a stand for you

Why must you mess up their work instead of following through

But isn’t that what history does

Repeat itself

But I will stand and say enough

To this Generation who is a diamond in the rough


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