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Generous Giveaways We Can't Own

Updated on October 1, 2016

We do not own each other.

We laugh, smile, love like it's some mandatory task--a task we know far too well that would never be truly for our own benefit. We do things like it's a generous giveaway--wasting and consuming time, space and effort for small exchange of pleasures. And we do not mind at all.

We don't mind placing X marks on every number in our calendars. We don't mind sparing a few minutes just to type and send cringe-worthy pick-up lines for those people we deeply find interest with. We don't mind casting off the shadows and revealing our hearts for all to scrutinize. Yes, it won't be as healthy as it should be.

There will be black holes sucking up the happy moments we can no longer retrieve. There will be unwanted blood clots preventing you from truly letting go. But it's fine. We don't seem to mind.

We'd still insist on diving in a pool of cold water and do it all over again. We'd still collect every moment and attempt never to let them slip away from the far corners of our minds. But then it always happens and every laugh, smile, memory are gradually dissipating until they are as if a figment of our imagination. And we do mind because that's all we have and can have. But I guess we'll never own them as well.



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