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Story of Poor Kenta Bullied by His Looks-Forbidden Wish

Updated on July 29, 2014

Adventures of Genius knight-I : The Forbidden Wish of Invisibility

Adventures of Genius knight-I: The Forbidden Wish of Invisibility by Genius knight
Adventures of Genius knight-I: The Forbidden Wish of Invisibility by Genius knight


The story is about a boy named Kenta who is tormented about his looks. Tormented by his looks he curses the Gods and the outside world and in return he's granted a forbidden wish by Angel Genius knight which can either turn him into a monster or turn him into something special. Read on to find out about all the twists and turns that comprise Kenta's Story and how our hero Genius knight helps him..

Meet The Characters of this Story

All the Characters involved in Genius knight-I: The Forbidden wish of Invisibility
All the Characters involved in Genius knight-I: The Forbidden wish of Invisibility

In the Story you will encounter several interesting characters which include the following:

  • Kenta - The Poor Boy(Main Character)
  • Mitsuki - Kenta's Sister
  • zen Yagami - Kenta's Best Friend
  • Magumi - Kenta's Girlfriend
  • Ken - The new Kenta
  • Honda - Will be featured in the next Installment of "Adventures of Genius knight-II" (Short Appearance)

Chapter-1: Kenta's Past

This Story is about a boy named Kenta who lives in a small town of Melanco along with his little sister Mitsuki and Grandparents. His mother Sora Takenouchi and father Yamato Takenouchi both were killed by a notorious rich punk who simply killed them only because they were not born with a paradise like face and were ugly. The rich punk however got away with it, talking of money power everyone simply gives up, no matter how serious the crime is. Talking of parents, Kenta was also bestowed with a poor deformed face while his sister was an exception as she was born with a princess like beauty. Kenta loved his sister very much and so did Mitsuki. The childhood life of Kenta and Mitsuki was happy and prosperous as their grandparents took proper care of them especially Kenta who was home schooled by his own grandparents as they were afraid that Kenta's looks might have a similar fate as their son and daughter-in-law. Scared of such feelings Kenta's grandparents never allowed him to go outside however Mitsuki being different from Kenta enjoyed the riches of outside world. As time passed Mitsuki and Kenta celebrated their coming of age ceremony and now it was time for them to pursue a college degree.

Kenta, his sister Mitsuki and his Grandparents having a light moment
Kenta, his sister Mitsuki and his Grandparents having a light moment

Melanco being a small town didn't have a college and most of the students went to nearby cities for their higher studies. Both Mitsuki and Kenta decided to visit the nearby city to pursue their further education; however their grandparents were against their decision. Mitsuki wanted to show her brother the outside world, so she argued with her grandparents to allow him to come with her. Seeing his sister throwing tantrums for him, Kenta got carried away with limelight of visiting the outside world. Seeing Kenta too joining the discussions, their grandparents were helpless as Mitsuki and Kenta were no longer kids. Grandparents continued to hold their ground but the result wasn't a stay but instead both Kenta and Mitsuki leaving Melanco against their grandparent’s wishes. This is where all the story of ordeal starts as the path ahead is tough and meany.

Kenta and Mitsuki Leave their grand parents house
Kenta and Mitsuki Leave their grand parents house

Chapter-2: Kenta Meets The Outside World

Kenta for the first time stepped outside from his grandparents’ house into the outside world and was astonished as to why his grandparents were so worried about him as the world outside looked so beautiful and what possibly could go wrong. Kenta and Mitsuki took an evening bus to the nearby city. Everything was going smoothly as planned but somewhere in Mitsuki's heart there was a fear that the outside world would not accept his brother for his looks. She was all numb when suddenly passengers started pouring into the bus from the next bus depot. Talking of human nature gossiping is something every human longs for, besides that a bit of ugliness adds to this cruel nature wherein words can be sometimes so agonizing that forces one to simply offer themselves to the Shinigami's. Soon people started gossiping about Kenta's looks. Kenta although heard the murmuring of the passengers, he avoided it as he wasn't used to such low sounds and continued to enjoy the beautiful world outside.

Kenta and Mitsuki on their way to City
Kenta and Mitsuki on their way to City

After a while both brother and sister reached their destination "their dream college". The college took admissions based on the admission tests conducted by the college. They both successfully passed the admission tests and got scholarships as well. During the test Kenta saw a boy named Zen Yagami who, was sitting beside him. During the test Zen copied from Kenta without his knowledge. Zen was a hopeless case but due to copying from Kenta, he passed the test successfully. Zen was excited to meet Kenta again and wanted to make him his sidekick so that he can secure good results by sitting next to Kenta. There was some time left for the college to open so Mitsuki and Kenta decided to utilize the time in touring the city where they were going to live in. Both Kenta and Mitsuki started their tour but once again they were accompanied by murmurings about Kenta's look. Kenta was disheartened and sad, but thanks to his sister's cheering he somehow completed the journey in utter awkwardness. While Mitsuki tried to avoid the murmurings on the other hand for Kenta everything was for first time and thus his mental stability was quickly deteriorating.

Kenta being bullied by fellow classmates and being protected by Mitsuki
Kenta being bullied by fellow classmates and being protected by Mitsuki

Chapter-3: Kenta's First Day at College

Few days later it was Kenta's first day at college and he was super excited as has never been to a professional educational structure as he was home schooled by his grandparents his entire life. Kenta went to the college along with his sister,although he looked excited he was still upset over his looks as he was aware that people don't like him. His only support was his sister which somewhat build the confidence in him to face the world. As Kenta entered into his class the murmurings got louder and louder and he was once again surrounded with clouds of sadness. Suddenly a huge figure stood before him, scared Kenta slowly moved his eyes but to his surprise the huge figure hugged him. The huge figure was none other than Zen himself. Zen was a well-built chubby boy who was also made fun of for his huge size besides that he was fat too.

Kenta getting an attack hug from Zen
Kenta getting an attack hug from Zen

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Zen and Kenta found a bond of friendship as they both were facing the same bullying everyday because of their appearance. They both became great friends and would spend most of their time together. Seeing this Mitsuki was relieved as now his brother had a friend that understood him. Mitsuki abandoned her duty of looking over his brother all the time as he now had the company of Zen. Mitsuki soon was accompanied with lots of work and she hardly had any time to talk to his brother, besides that she got a boyfriend as well.

Kenta and Zen bonding up well as friends
Kenta and Zen bonding up well as friends

Years passed on and the friendship between Zen and Kenta took an ugly turn as Zen grew up to a slim figure and was now popular among girls. Girls obviously hated Kenta and would often gossip about him in front of Zen who tried to look cool by agreeing to whatever they said but unknowingly he grew a bit of hatred for Kenta and soon all the gossips made him think that Kenta was lowering his reputation among girls. A few days later a beautiful girl was talking to Zen, when Kenta came and sat near Zen. The girl horrified by Kenta's looks ran away from there. Seeing this Zen was annoyed and spoke badly with Kenta and broke his friendship with him. Kenta was devastated as his only bond that he cherished the most was broken because of his looks.Traumatized by his broken friendship Kenta engulfed himself in clouds of sadness as if Shinigami playing games with him. Since Mitsuki was swamped by lots of work, she could hardly had any time to comfort her brother. Even though she occupied by work, she was always thinking about her younger brother. She feared that if she doesn't do anything about it she might lose her brother. Days passed on, broken Kenta had stopped going to college. He would spent most of his time sitting in a dark room and crying over his looks. Kenta's health soon started deteriorating, seeing this Mitsuki took a week’s leave from her work, although she couldn't get leave from her part time job due to holiday season. Seeing her schedule she thought of taking help from her grandparents to visit Kenta. She went to Melanco immediately and brought the worrying grandparents along with her. Seeing his grandparents Kenta was little relieved but the torment continued. Arrival of his grandparents brought a significant improvement in Kenta's health but his mental state continued to remain the same.

Zen breaks up his friendship with Kenta
Zen breaks up his friendship with Kenta

Chapter-4: The Forbidden Wish

Kenta was sad and seriously hated the outside world, the world once he longed for, What an Irony! While he was sad his sister and grandparents tried their best to liven him up but to their disappointment, Kenta's mental condition went even worse as somewhere in his mind he knew that he's ugly and different from his sister and grandparents. He started ignoring them as his wounds of broken friendship with Zen reminded him of his looks and no matter whom he stayed with they will have trouble accepting him and even if he's accepted, the world might just start tormenting the other person too because of him, as a result all the efforts of his grandparents and his sister went in vain as Kenta started keeping his distance from them to avoid affecting their life as well.

Failed attempts by Mitsuki and her gran parents to  cheer up Kenta
Failed attempts by Mitsuki and her gran parents to cheer up Kenta

Kenta's decision of keeping a distance from his sister and grandparents only made his condition worse and he started cursing Gods for his looks. Somewhere among the clouds an Angel was listening to Kenta's ire but the Angel knew that it's human tendency to turn to Gods and curse them when they fail at something or lack something that others are bestowed with. God's are mysterious and do things which are tormenting but everything they do has a meaning, as they struggle to make their existence count, their importance and a precious lesson that life is full of tests and one needs to be always prepared to face them no matter what because in the ending your fruits of hard work and struggle will be served. Thinking of all these things the Angel decided to give poor Kenta a visit that night.

Kenta Cursing the Gods
Kenta Cursing the Gods

Kenta had lost appetite long ago so he went to bed early with a light dinner. Kenta was asleep and was murmuring to himself in his dreams, dreaming of things that he wasn't capable of with his real face and cursing Gods for what he was. All he wished for was to simply disappear so that no one can see him and gossip bad about his looks. Granted! Granted! Granted! Said the Angel who was watching Kenta's dream.The wish Kenta longed for was a forbidden wish as humans are born to achieve great things in their life irrespective of their race, appearance, gender or environment they are in because all things that happen in the world are only there to teach people the truth behind every lesson taught with difficulties they face which help individuals achieve greatness by following the right path. In short every human has a purpose and they have to fight hard to achieve it.

Angel Genius knight visit Kenta and Grants the Forbidden Wish
Angel Genius knight visit Kenta and Grants the Forbidden Wish

Next day morning Kenta woke up uninspired and hazy unaware of the forbidden wish he was granted. Since he was upset he went directly to the nearby farms to enjoy the fresh air and have some isolated time alone. After a while he decided to head back home as he was feeling quite happy and almost forgot about his torment. While heading back he saw his grandfather going to his work and unknowingly responded with a Good morning cheer but to a surprise his grandfather didn't respond to it at all and went straight to his work. It was Kenta himself who asked for it! Yes the forbidden wish was in action which turned Kenta invisible to the outside world. Since Kenta was unaware of the granted forbidden wish, he took the incident as a consequence of his looks as the incident of being now being ignored by his family members as well intensified his pain tremendously. Since he was now invisible to everyone, he suffered the same consequence of getting ignored by his grandmother and sister as well.


"Genius knight Story-I: If You are Not Happy with what You Already Have" or also known as "Story of Poor Kenta Bullied by his Looks: The Forbidden Wish of Invisibility" story is original ©opyright work of Author Genius knight. Any type of reproduction of the story is not allowed without the author's consent. Any violations will be liable for legal action.

What's next ?

Until now Kenta suffered from all the bullying caused over his looks and the sudden shocker from his best friend Zen breaking their friendship over his appearance causing him to hate the outside world and cursing the Gods for his looks but with now a forbidden wish of Invisibility bestowed upon him what will the future hold in for poor Kenta? Find out in the part 2 of this story - Poor Kenta Breaking the Forbidden wish of Invisibility

© 2013 Nell


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