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Gentle Rain

Updated on August 29, 2017
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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.

Stormy Weather

It is cloudy and dark it's about to rain.

The roar of thunder is rolling around.

The flash of lightening hits the ground.

Rain though it could be scary when you hear rains pound/

You know when it is all over you will be safe and sound.

Rain waters Crops

When rain comes down do not frown

Rain can be a little helpful when it touches the ground.

For when it gently hits the ground, it gives drink to the plants we see.

Rain waters the crops from which we eat.

Nature has a way of helping farmers water their crops.


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In the city

As you look out, you hear rain tapping on your window.

As you are thinking you see the beauty of the rain.

You admire the rain as you watch it fall down your window pane.

As you sit at your desk and begin to think about the pitcher you see.

You are inspired to work on your dream.

You begin by writing on paper what your deepest desires are.

You start to smile and feel thankful for the rain.

For if it had not come then you would not have thought of making your dreams a reality.

Calming down

Now the rain is coming to a stop.

You are sitting on the sofa watching a movie with your love.

You get to get some snacks.

As you get up you notice, the rain is slowly stopping and you hear popcorn popping.

As you are walking to get the popcorn you smile at your love.

He smiles back at you and asks if you are enjoying the movie.

You tell him that you are enjoying the movie/

You ask him if he wants a tea and if he is enjoying the movie.

He says yes please my darling and the movie is wonderful.

As you are bringing the popcorn and teas/

You notice the rain is beginning to cease.

Sunshine after rain

This weather is not such a drain.

For with it comes beautiful sounds.

From the peaceful sound the rain makes when it gently hits the roof/

To the sound rain makes when it touches the ground.

As it slowly calms down/ The rain comes to a stop.

Form this gloomy weather come something of beauty.

After the clouds have passed there is a light shining through.

The big beautiful sun shines on everyone.


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