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Gentle Wave

Updated on July 2, 2016

Gentle wave, blue as gold

Lapping her feet, wagging his tail

Kissing her toes making her smile

Little child a month and four

Screaming her glee


Creating figures in the sand

With seashells of colours as hers

To one she says, repent

To another, forgive

And to all, love and care for seashells

Gentle wave, red as hell

Savage wave devouring her feet

Biting her toes making her cry

Little child a month and four

Screaming her pain

He sucks her into his throat

Belches, smacks lips

Little child

Her drums are quiet

She stares blindly

At the bottom of the ocean

The seashells weep saltily

Gentle wave lapping her body

Washing her white making her plump

The sun hides his face


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