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Genuflections Of Grief.

Updated on February 23, 2010


Genuflections Of Grief.


In the cathedral

of my cranium,
echoes the song

of our love silenced,
its fading whispers

even fill the emptiness

of my heart.

I am baptized in pain,
it washes over

me in saline tears,
I have taken communion

with loneliness,
the bitter whine of despair,
and a thin wafer of hope
taints my soul.

I read through
the old testaments
of your love,
seeking a new testament,
a revelation

of forgiveness,
but each chapter

of my life
without you

holds only
an unholy embrace
with rejection
The temple

that was you
lies in rubble
since the earthquake
of your footsteps leaving
echoes over and over
in the sanctuary

of my mind.










She danced
through dark parks
in the wee hours,
as bait scantily clothed.
The epitomy of a lure,
seeking predators.
A blood band it
marked her eyes,
memoralizing a sister
raped and bludgeoned.
She granted
death wishes
in one viscious slice
across the crotches of any
who dared accost her.





Going Solo.

Crumpled ball of flesh,
castaway like some
unfinished poem,
from a lovely couplet
to a soliloquy,
as her mourning breaks.






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