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Geriatrics...Belly Up

Updated on October 17, 2009


Geriatrics Belly Up.



Miami beach;
bloated belly's
hanging ten
extra inches
beyond a speedo.

Wrinkled prune
stretched out
in bikini's.

Raisins in the sun,
mingled with
the six packs
occasionally scattered,
amidst the weathered
drift woodies.

The young prance
through parchment flesh
nubile breasts overshadowing
the sagging butts
frying in baby oils.

It's a smorgas of the bored
multi-colored sushi
splayed in humanistic form.

The wretched,

the racked,

the well hung,

and the hung over.

The ancient and
the almost dead
lie mummified
and pappafried
spread like paba
on vast stretches
of Florida's
sand witches.

A colony of
lost youth,
a colostomy of
human debris
made waste in the sun.


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