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How to Follow Your Dream - and Achieve It!

Updated on June 3, 2019
Journal it with paper and pen!
Journal it with paper and pen! | Source

Get motivated to live your dreams!

It was sunny outside and a little before two o’clock when I picked up this flowered journal and began to write . . . the old way, like I did as a kid and young adult—with pen and paper. And the words began to come. I took a deep breath, I felt a chill . . . and began to feel free.

More than five months after being “let go” from a job of eleven years—a job that changed and that changed me—I am still struggling with getting my life together. Getting my life together. That’s cliché, so cliché, and I don’t want to be cliché, because I want to be a writer. And writers that write in clichés is no way to be.

I'm free . . . to do what?

So here I am after five, nearly six, months, overwhelmed and trying to focus . . . but gosh! I am free. I am. I am lucky to be so many years from traditional retirement age and to be free. I have been freed from a rat race of 9 to 5 and have a real chance—time to explore the world of writing—the life I have always wanted. The thought of going back to the rat race disturbs me, as I half-heartedly apply for some of those jobs out there. Oh, God, I don’t want to go back. For now, I am free.

The last few days I’ve been feeling like my mind will explode. It’s paralyzing. When there is too much that needs to be done, I become frozen and can’t seem to do anything. My mind is whirling. How do I make a living writing? I look for gigs, and I have a few going. Now, instead of the 9 to 5 rat race, some days I work ten or more hours and seem to get nowhere. Or almost nowhere. I’m surviving, but eventually I have to make a living at this. I love it, though. Even the ten hour days I love. But, still? How can I figure out this writing career and get anything else done?

Busy . . . and blessed?

I look after my pet menagerie, spend time with my nieces, my brothers, my parents (not enough). I need to catch up spring cleaning for the past five years. The garage is half-organized now, and the yard is getting there, but the weeds are winning the fight against the mulch. I have some calls to make, some appointments to keep. When am I going to organize my home office? When do I take the time to build that cat tree? We need that cat tree! My cats need the exercise. I need to exercise, too, which reminds me that I need to walk the dog. But when? Oh, and my car’s a mess. But that’s the least . . . and I could go on.

So, I look around at my home—my haven—with my little dog and furry felines. I know I am blessed. And I have a dream to live. I look at the clock. Still only 2 p..m. Why do I feel time is getting away? I stay up late, usually until midnight, so I have lots of time. Ten hours left. Ten hours before bedtime.

I think I can, I think I can!

I could write a couple of articles (at least rough drafts), finish loading the dishwasher and putting away the laundry, and still build that cat tree this evening—and then write a hub about it! I need to vacuum and water some plants, but there is time for that, too. There is. I just have to focus on some specifics that I need to accomplish.

I have ten hours. Time to prioritize, get some things done, and keep moving forward.

A Tip to Take with You

Here’s my tip for you. When you get overwhelmed about what you need to do, try journaling, letting those thoughts and words flow. It’s different from using a typewriter. Writing with your favorite, flowing pen on paper has a different feel to it. Try it to see if you do feel a little freer and your motivation returns. Now, time to get focused!

Love this song by Poco: Follow Your Dreams

Thanks to my Writing Friends!

A quick thank you to a few people who have inspired me lately:

Bill Holland, or billybuc on HubPages has been a great mentor, giving me practical advice on how to build a freelance career. He continually encourages me not to give up! Daughter of Maat recently took the time to ease my cluttered, overwhelmed mind and share with me her home management binder system, which I am going to take the time to put together to help organize my life.

There have been many other hubbers along the way who have helped me with the technical aspects of hubs, and a plethora (I love that word!) of hubbers who have and continue to support and encourage me. Dear fpherj48 on HubPages has been such a dear supportive friend of late and seems to believe in me more than I do myself. Wow. I love this community of writers, both the oldies and the newbies!


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