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Get On Your Mighty Horse...And Ride!

Updated on November 2, 2012

(A Political Poem...Who Really knows what a Poet is trying to say...Exactly...?!?...Anyways...Ha!)

"Get On Your Mighty Horse And Ride!"
"Get On Your Mighty Horse And Ride!" | Source

When you're tired...because the Ones who swore to help you...Lied...

Get on your Mighty Horse...and Ride !

When you've stayed at the table too long...and you keep losin'...

Because the cards you keep getting dealt...Aren't of your choosin'.

When flakes, like dandruff, are all around...and blown around with the wind...

Get on that Mighty Horse of yours'...and Ride...One More Time Again !

When you seek to do something that you percieve as right...

And everyone around acts like you must be as "High as a Kite".

It is time for all to hear...There is more to it than just your pride.

Saddle up...Get on your Mighty Horse...Do not be Denied !

When you can't stomach it no longer....though you've tried...Dear Lord...You've Tried !

Hop up onto that Mighty Horse of yours and...Ride, Dear Lord, Please Ride !

For a generation...We have only heard a bunch of song and dance...

Time to hear from the Ordinary Guy...Nominate him...Give him a chance.

When things don't ever make much sense...

And everyone saying something...Seems Stuck on the Fence.

Better 'round up your a big hurry...

We can't wait for one more minute...We can't take on one more worry.

All the Ones sitting 'round there on their hands...

Been too busy showboating...and not making real plans.

Need someone that can think straight...

Right Now...Before it gets too late !

(You Sir...Get on your Mighty Horse and Ride !)

Some might think my brain is fried...

Because I would think such a way...with pride.

Though it feels like No one is on my side...

And my Nerves are all be tied.

Listen to the Sheep who have all cried and cried and cried...

Us, Little People, have tried to speak out...Honestly, We've certainly tried...

It appears the trumpet's been blown...but the message must have died...

Absorbed in thought on many the foot of my bed...I have sat and sighed...

All I could do was scream out loud for No one to hear: "Get on your Mighty Horse and Ride!"

"Get On Your Mighty Horse And Ride!"

In 1984, Marysville attorney Bob Galloway, commissioned Richard Bergen, a Salina, Kansas artist, to design this sculpture for the City of Marysville, KS.
In 1984, Marysville attorney Bob Galloway, commissioned Richard Bergen, a Salina, Kansas artist, to design this sculpture for the City of Marysville, KS. | Source

It is time for the ordinary man and woman to take over Politics. "Saddle-up and ride with out delay". (Just like Men of Old did...when something needed to be conveyed with urgency in Washington D.C.) Politicians have been screwing it up for far too long. Ordinary people have as much brains to figure out how best to run this any of our "so-called" great Politicians. Politicians have only demonstrated that they don't know how to run this Nation...and that they are only in it for themseves! So says I, this day: Manly Poetry Man


Copyright © 2011 (Just in the Nic' of Time) All Rights Reserved


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