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Get Paid to Write Greeting Cards

Updated on March 29, 2016

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Pop culture ideas are used for greeting card creativity more and more in this day and age

Greeting cards are a new genre in the field of writing for lots of folks. This is an under developed market ripe for a great income for the right individual. Even with technology driving people to use the computer and phone for interaction instead of snail mail, an enormous market still exists. The work is certainly available for writers with a genuine interest in the niche. Though, there is an distinctive difference when it comes to producing this kind of work compared to other niches.

What makes the genre unique

It is typically looked at as a rather boring diversion compared with producing articles. More than likely the average writer builds material to be published containing thousands of words. A greeting card assignment is different. This is generally more difficult simply because the average assignment means discovering a way to convey nearly the same sentiments as a long article using only a couple of lines.

What type of person makes a good fit

Most success stories are from writers possessing a certain unique style of relaying a communication. This job circumstance generally calls for the brevity of a poet along with an ability to create new and exciting ideas of relaying a sentiment. Not only do expressions require a short communication, there is a need to say the same thing many different ways. Most success stories in the field admit to adding current pop culture to the recipe.

Whether wishing someone well on adding a new baby to the family or apologizing for forgetting a birthday the writing needs to be attractive. The range of audience members to attract is varied. A number of companies are focusing on a distinct type of customer. This means having the ability to create for children, men, women, couples and all sorts of clients is a plus on a resume.

It sounds exciting and fun, but it is work. Harnessing the right sentiment is the key component a business is searches for in an employee. Owning the expertise to convey a feeling of funny, heartbroken, grief stricken, elation and all sorts of emotions into a small package is not a simple task. This is not a good fit for everyone. Consider more than a few things when deciding whether to invest in this area of professional writing.

Self Publishing option information

Instead of working with the greeting card companies, a number of writers have gone their own way. These are writers choosing to self-publish and sell electronic or paper cards as an entrepreneur. An individuals personal circumstance determines if this a viable venture.

About the job-The outlook for the future looks excellent

Market projections

Looking at the marketplace today gives this niche a bright future. Although the world is still driving closer to a paperless society, this industry continues as one of the largest paper products consumed today. Along with standard and conventional holidays, folks working in this area see all kinds of additional reasons and needs for greeting cards. There are literally thousands of ideas waiting to be transmitted from one person to another.

For those consumers not using the brick and mortar store for purchases, online sales are increasing at a substantial rate over the last couple of years. The electronic version of is extremely popular among the Facebook crowd. Any market trend with favorable connection to social media is always a great financial indicator.

A variety of cards means a large selection of specialties to choose from

A visit to a local shopping center reveals the thousands of choices offered to the average consumer. The same array of paper options are found in the virtual world of the same product.This means a large range of categories to focus on. Any person with a desire to belong to one single product form is missing out on a lot of opportunities. The more diversity a potential writer has the better it looks when it comes to getting hired.

More tools or know how is always attractive to potential employers. Though, a few people admit the work connected to grief or bereavement is difficult to work on day in and day out. There are only a few businesses with a single focal point. The majority encompass a mixture of sentimental ideas to impart to clients.

Several companies hire employees requesting rhyming lines of sentiment while others have no desire to go down that particular road of familiarity. There are those with an entire book inside the product cover and the opposite also holds true for others. The most common are those focused on saying everything in a few words, Some want as as few as only four or five.

Companies to work with

Brick and mortar places are ideal for discovering certain companies specializing in the industry. Check the back or bottom portion of any card to identify the business or company name. When searching for online options, check search engines. There is even a Greeting Card Association with a listing of business members.

A number of the well-known ones are Comstock, Hallmark, Paper Street, Avanti Press, American Greetings and Kate Harper Designs. These are only a small drop in the bucket of what to find out there. Not only are there smaller subsidiaries of these giants, but start up ones are all over the marketplace.

Sharing the work

Be prepared to create the product alongside an artist in most instances. Depending on the assignment and the company, there is the possibility of working hand and hand with the artist. Having the author for the written words linked to the designer of the visual aspect of the card is a business requirement for a few companies. In these instances there is not an opt out for this type of work atmosphere.

Pop culture is a huge part of the greeting card industry.
Pop culture is a huge part of the greeting card industry.

More about the job and getting it right

Working with the artist

Writers are responsible for putting a message inside and outside of a product. They are tasked with working text around the illustrations developed by an artist in nearly every circumstance. Depending on the individual writer, some work well seeing the visual effects first and then creating the message. Others prefer to build the material regardless of the visual portion of the merchandise.

Regardless of which option is comfortable, be flexible. Each company has a specific formula which is policy and the norm. Work within the employer guidelines. Surprisingly, most folks discover switching from one technique to another is not as difficult as originally imagined.

Make something special

Imagine how many cards are competing for the attention of any given person on any day of the year. Each year the average person receives at least five (excluding the Christmas card overload) different ones.This also means the average a single person sends to others is at least five. This converts to millions or even billions of pieces of merchandise. This is wonderful for the industry as a whole, but making the ones with great appeal means job stability

Everyone has a personal preference and tends to scour through a large assortment searching for the right one. Literally hundreds are seen in any given year by an individual. At least ten are perused before choosing one on each shopping trip. This means in order to gain attention and increase income, make each one special. Focusing on the right audience with a unique appeal is priceless.

This is a must in order to stay ahead of the competition and gain favor with the companies. There are all sort of stats and analytic info reviewed for feedback to the bosses. The more tools in the box, the better for each writer with an interest.

Getting ideas

Brainstorming is a helpful technique in the biz. Get all of those ideas out on a piece of paper. Disregard feelings of unease in using something during the brainstorming session. Remember there will be throw away material as well as opportunities to take some of the rejects and mold a shining star. Anything not tasteful or vulgar is typically not useful. Though, some fringe companies in the industry make this category the norm for customers. These companies pay as well as others not focused on this the same kind of material.

Several writers admit to carrying pencil and paper around to snatch a few lines here and there at any time. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes and typically at any time. During the day shopping in the store or waking up in the middle of the night for a cool drink is potentially when the next great one comes. This is the most difficult part of the profession for many. Just like article creation there are times when a lull is seen in ideas.

Cliché material is characteristically frowned upon. A company request is generally the only time to use this form of writing greeting card material.

Earning money

There is one glaring difference in earnings in these work assignments. The monies made in this niche do not coincide with the number of words written. This is really different from other customers and clients. The company is paying for ideas on the short and sweet side. This means the pay does vary from card to card in lots of instances. Some go for a few dollars while others are worth a couple of hundred, How much an individual makes is also affected by whether it is for online or brick and mortar business needs.

The successful ones in the business are prolific and determined. Consistently crafted ideas are sent to the card companies. The ideal candidate develops a good working relationship with one and continues to get an ongoing working relationship for repeat business opportunities.

Countless people admit by successfully selling a alof ideas to a business has transmitted to a company coming back for more. There was basically little to no solicitation on the part of the writer for future work once the initial impression was good. The positive working relationship.of this sort is generally discovered early on. The usual reimbursement is per card. It is very unusual to be on salary. For this reason a relationship with more than one is sometimes a necessity.

Electronic cards are paid through the PayPal system or paper check. Brick and mortar business cards are via paper check or electronic deposit with a banking institution. There is no threshold average before payment is released. Each company decides when and where earnings are distributed.

Unique cards are a must have

There are ethnic cards and alternative religion ones as well. Imagine creating two cards, one for a Jewish holiday and another for a Catholic holiday. There is a possibility neither is celebrated outside of their particular religion, but a greeting is needed for both. There is a celebration for graduating kindergarten at this point in time in our history. Getting a high five from a card is expected.

Imagine all of those birthday cards specifically devoted to a brother or sister. Inside of these is also a sister in law. Some are in Spanish or Portuguese just to demonstrate the additional branches of the niche.

The prankster or funny cards are a novelty which is becoming more popular. Folks will buy a prank one and then a serious sentiment in another.

How to make greeting cards at home

There are literally hundreds of options to choose from

Inside of the niche are hundreds of branches. Along with the obvious ones are holiday, birthday, graduation, new baby, get well soon and death in the family thousands more exist. A few are related to these directly while others seem to have found their own unique spot.

In conclusion

The right person for this writing job is varied. This is a unique field with lots of distinctions for other niches. The pay is great for the amount of work being done, but the clients are not looking for the work. This is a creativity process where the ideas are developed and pitched to the client. This is one of several disadvantages with the professional greeting card writer. Though, some great benefits also come this way.

The amount of words is not a factor with payment. The future outlook is great for the niche and there are more than a few publishers to solicit If all else fails, self publish cards.

Take a leap of faith and see is this is a good fit. A unique and creative personality will thrive in this sort of environment. If the opposite holds true for any writer, run the other way.

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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I tried submitting material for greeting cards about ten years ago. Back then you had to send them poetry on individual 3x5 index cards and mail them to the company in batches. If you sent them twenty or so you'd think at least one would be suitable if you are any good at poetry at all, but I got the whole batch rejected. It seems they were not what they were looking for at that time. I bet the field has opened up a lot since those days before the internet got popular. They say rejection slips are the signs of a real writer. Another great hub, I voted up.

    • quildon profile image

      Angela Joseph 2 years ago from Florida

      Me too. I even bought a book on how to get into the greeting card market, but never did anything about it. Maybe one of these days. Thanks for reminding us about what can be a lucrative writing market.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      And let us not forget they have online greeting cards now, which certainly requires writers. I sent one to my sister on her birthday. Interesting ideas.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I have been interested in writing cards for sometime. The information you have shared is helping me to decided that this might just be the way to go. Useful and interesting.