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Reveal hidden Magic Powers in You: Ancient Secret

Updated on January 15, 2016

Get Real Magic Powers : Secret Revealed

If you think that magic powers are a false belief then you are wrong. Now science also doing research on telepathy and telekinesis , what are these processes? Are these process possible without magic powers ?

According to many religion and culture, we all have magic power, yes all have, but these powers are hidden an never come out because we never try to reveal out these powers.

According to Indian scriptures our body has many chakra that consists source of power, Here we will teach you how you can bring out your inner magic powers.

STEP 1 Go to a peaceful place

First you need to go a peaceful and calm place where nobody should be there to distract your concentration. This place could be your room, roof or garden. If will be better when you choose a place around Nature.

STEP 2 Sit in YOG position

Now put some soft cloth on the floor and sit on it.This seat is called Asan

STEP 3 Chanting ‘’OOM’’ Sound

Now close your eyes and chant sound OOM in relaxed manner 1100 times you can count in mind but remember when you forget the counting then you need to count from starting. While chanting this sound you should focus in the middle of your eyes with closed eyes.

STEP 4 Feel powers around you

When you will be chant chanting then you will feel powers around you and will also distract your focus.But don’t open your eyes and don’t move a little.

STEP 5 Try to control powers

When you will be succeed in 1100 times chanting with full concentration then take the name of the power you want to have 1100 times.For example if you want to get the power of wind then chant ‘wind,wind…’.After trying good you will feel that power in you and just control it.

If you are good, divine and theist ,then only this process will work. And second condition is that you should have full faith in god and magic powers without even any little doubt in your mind


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