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Get shocked and love this book

Updated on July 18, 2017

The book was written by Sandra Brown, an American author whose novel plots are always full of suspense and romance. This book, Mean Streak, is not the exception. Published in 2014 this is one of the best books that I have read from her.

It contains a few spoilers

What is it about?

Dr. Emory is a young pediatrician and a marathon runner. She is married to Jeff, the man he met by a friend some years ago, he works in the financial sector and they do not have any kids, although they have been together for more than three years; but lately, he has been distant. At first, Emory thought that it was due that his bosses didn´t promote him, she tried to support him by calling him constantly and worrying about him, however that distanced them even more. As time passed, she thought that he had a lover, but she wasn´t sure, and despite the fact that she wanted to save her marriage she had other situations to attend, like her job at the hospital and to train hard for her marathons.

She loved to ran even before she met her husband, actually, Jeff was surprised by her determination. At the beginning, the couple went to these running events together, but he started to get tired and he even told her that she was obsessed. Even so, she had to practice before a marathon and she decided to go, causing a fight between them.

Her plan was to spend a snowy weekend in North Carolina, to call her husband, try to calm him a bit, run and then return to her house, but this didn´t happen. In the middle of the race, she felt pain in her head and then everything turned black... When she opened her eyes, she was in bed, in a place she didn´t know and worst, with a man she had never seen in her life! When she tried to move, she had a terrible headache and nausea. The man approached her; he was tall, of muscular complexion, maybe 40 years old, not so handsome but with beautiful eyes and a scar that made him look intimidating.

She was frightened that he might want to hurt her or even kill her, but he told her with a soft voice that he found her unconscious in the snow and that she would have probably died if he didn´t watch her with his binoculars. That made her felt a bit better, but when she asked him for his cell phone he said he didn´t have one. Who doesn´t have one in these days? So she asked him to take her to the town, but he refused again saying that he wouldn´t drive with that weather, that could only mean something: she was in the middle of nowhere with some man and that she has no way to communicate with anyone.


The man was acting surprisingly kind to her; he made her something to eat, although she wasn´t in the mood to eat, helped her when she wanted to move from the bed, he was polite, but every time she asked him a simple question, like his name, he refused to answer.

Hours passed and her headache was better and after drinking so many liquids she wanted to go to the bathroom. In there, she found some bullets... and if that guy had bullets maybe he had some weapon. Was he a psycho? Emory had to be careful about him, but he continued to be polite with her; he helped her to cure her wound in the head, gave her clothes and even put a folding screen so she can have some privacy when she had to change her clothes. Why can her husband be like him? Was he worried about her? Meanwhile, Jeff was in bed with Alice, his lover and Emory´s friend, they have been together for a while. She asked him about his wife, but he wasn´t concerned, he thought that Emory was still mad and that she will call him.

Emory took advantage that the man was outside and searched in all the cabin, nothing was out of normal, until she found a military trunk; she was weak due to a headache, but she could pull it and open it. Inside there was a laptop and a cell phone charger, why? he said he didn´t have a cell phone! he lied to her. When the man came into the cabin, she was furious and attack him, he tried to hurt him with a knife, but it was useless, he was stronger than her and took her by her arms. Again he tried to calm her down and explain to her that he didn´t lie, he didn´t have a cellphone, and that charger wouldn´t help her because he removed the battery from her phone, he didn´t want her to turn on the GPS.

Jeff went to North Carolina, her wife didn´t answer the phone. When he arrived and went to the sheriff station, they started to make a lot of questions about why he didn´t call the police earlier, making them suspect about him, the last thing that Jeff needed.


Emory is trying to escape, she is scared because she found a stone with blood and hair... hers! The man tall him with a logic argument that he picked up the "weapon" but that he wasn´t the one who hurt her, then who attacked her? She was terrified, the only idea that came to her mind was to seduce him in order to escape, and she did it. They were so close, they could have kissed each other, instead she put her head in his chest, meanwhile, he caressed her softly and approched to her even more... he wanted to be with her so much, but he was clever, he found out her real intentions and stopped her, not before he warned her that if she tried that again he will definitely "make her his". After he told her that a noise came from outside, it was the car of the nearest neighbors. Two men and a girl lived some miles from that cabin, however, the man told her that they were bad, and that she shouldn´t try anything, if she did, they will harm her, but what could be worst that being kidnapped by a stranger? That someone wanted her dead.

Emory knows that the man won´t hurt her, he had the chance to take advantage of her but he refused to do it, not only she was starting to trust in him, she was also started to feel an incredible attraction for him, and she knew, by the way he looked at her, that he desired her. She has to have heer head cold if she wants to survive and to find out who wants her to be dead.

How do I rank it?

4 stars for Plot

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