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Getting Away From Your Writing

Updated on November 5, 2015
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

When you are a writer, you are obsessed with writing. It occupies you day and night no matter where you are. Sitting in a board meeting, driving through hectic traffic, or watching a movie with the family, it is probable true that your mind will wander away to a story you are working on. But for your own mental health, you have to get away from your writing sometimes.

And the Reason Is...

Why? Because it can help your muse flow and creativity explode.

I’ve had several times when I’ve been writing a scene, and nothing seems to make sense. I think of every scenario, and nothing works. It had worked in my head a few days before, but now before the computer nothing plays out right. That’s is quite common for authors. That usually means your muse is tired and needs a break. There will be no writing success until you step away from your writing.

What I’ve found is that when I get away from it, the mind clears up and the creative thoughts start flowing. It could take a few days to a few weeks. Some people call this writer’s block. I prefer to ignore such a negative and hard description and call it writer’s fatigue.

Anytime you are injured, you need to let that area that is hurt get a rest. The same can be said about your mind when you are a writer. You need to let the mind and imagination rest so it can recharge and be able to produce even more the next go around.

Getting Back

When you get back to your writing, you’ll see it in a whole new light. You’ll look at the work and see so many new possibilities. It will all be fresh to you which is what you needed in the first place.

I don’t know how many times I see something and am shocked I wrote it. The words are so bad yet the idea is good. I reword it to where it makes sense. I had read over it many times before stepping away and didn’t see it because my mind tricked me into thinking what I wanted to say was what I had really said.

Then there are times I get away and come back to find a new subplot that would make the story so much stronger. Then my energy is recharged and writing becomes easier to me. I don’t dread it or worry about it. I’m putting everything into it because I see so much that it is like a brand new story to me. I can’t wait to see the end result.

Things to Do When Away

I would advise no writing when you are away from your work. Now some people don’t have a problem with it and find it can be inspiring. Me? I prefer to totally get away from writing and let my mind completely clear up.


I find that reading is a great escape. I forget I’m a writer and focus on the joy of reading. Unknown to my consciousness, I’m also getting inspired so when I return to writing my reading experience gives me more meat to work with. I’ll be able to see the story from the reader’s perspective easier.

House Projects

Work on things around the house. Clean. Do yard work. Paint the kitchen. Do something that takes your mind off your writing yet gives you a sense of accomplishment.


I know several people who love to exercise to clear their brains. It is kind of a purge for them as they eliminate stress and energy and gain so much in the way of health all the way around.


Do you like to do any crafts? I like to crochet. During these times, I pick up a crochet project and get to work on it. That takes my mind away and helps to clear it.

Find what works for you to refresh your mind and give you the energy and inspiration you need. Whatever works for you, use it whenever you are writing and feel yourself either deflated or like you are hitting your head against a brick wall. You won’t regret it.


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