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Getting Daily Comics On Kindle

Updated on March 14, 2012

While I haven't seen them for myself I am told that Kindle Fire comics are amazing, the display shows them off well and they are nicely optimized for the device. That's great if you have a Fire and are a fan of comic books, however if your favorite comics come in the newspaper then the normal e-ink screen kindles are more than adequate to view comics on, and here's how to set it up for free.

Settings you will need in the Preferences section under settings in Google Reader.
Settings you will need in the Preferences section under settings in Google Reader.

Selecting Your Comic Strips

First you will need to setup a Google Reader account. If you already have Google Reader setup and have feeds in it already then you will need to make a new account so we can have a clean feed of only comics to display on the kindle when we are done. After you have a fresh Google Reader account to work with you will need to navigate to the button with a gear icon on it to the far right near the top, click it and on the menu that shows up select "Reader settings" and set them to match the ones in the image above.

Once your reader account is setup and ready you will need to head on over to to select the comics you would like in your feed. They have a very nice selection of comic strips including most that you will find in newspapers around the US. Simply browse through the comics listed here and when you find one that you would like to add to your feed just click the RSS icon to the right of the actual comic's image. I recommend using Firefox for this stage as it makes it much easier and faster since it will ask you how to subscribe to the feed and Google Reader should be one of the options there for you. If you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome, of if for some reason Google Reader isn't one of the options in the subscribe menu in Firefox, then you can simply highlight the URL in the address bar which will be something like (the feed for the comic BC) and copy it to your clipboard. (Hit Ctrl-c on keyboard with the address highlighted) Now in Google Reader you will have to go to settings and preferences again and check the box for "Always start with navigation pane visible" and go back out to reader. Then you will see a "subscribe" button to the left. Click the subscribe button and hit Ctrl-v on your keyboard to paste in the address of the comic feed you selected and click the Add button. You can repeat this process for each comic you want to get daily updates for until all of them are in your feed. Once you have all of the desired comics added you are ready to setup your kindle to view them.

Make sure to go back to settings and uncheck to start with navigation pane visible as it will use up far too much screen space on our kindle while reading comics.

Setting Up Your Kindle

Begin by going to the kindle's home screen, and pressing the menu button. On the menu we will be selecting the option labeled experimental. On the next screen you will select "Launch Browser" to confirm starting the experimental web browser. This is where you will be reading your comics on kindle.

Once the browser has launched you will need to move your cursor up to the address bar and type in the address and press enter. The site should load fairly quickly and present you with the login screen. Move the zoom box so that the login section is inside of it and zoom this section. Then type in the login and password for the Google Reader account you created earlier, then move the selection to the "Sign In" button and click it.

Once the page loads you will see your subscribed comics loaded on the page and readable, but we are going to make them look a little better in a moment. Before we get to that though lets make sure that we won't have to type this URL out every time we come back. Bring up the menu again, and click on "Bookmark This Page" to save a bookmark to bring you back here if you ever switch the browser to a different site.

Now lets make them a little bit more readable. Bring up the menu once more, and this time we are going to click on the selection for "Screen Rotation". This will show the four possible screen orientations across the bottom of the screen. For looking at comic strips either of the landscape orientations will scale the images a little bit larger and make them more readable so we are going to select one of them for while we are reading comics. I personally prefer the one that places the buttons on the right side, but this is just a matter of preference, whichever is more comfortable for you is fine. Once you select the one you want and click it the screen will flip to the side and refresh.

When setting this up on my own kindle the first time I rotated the screen this way it went all garbled and was a totally unreadable mess. I played around with it trying to refresh the screen a few different ways to clear it up again. What finally worked for me was opening the menu and selecting "Article Mode" which also looked garbled, and had filtered out all the images. However going back to the menu and selecting "Web Mode" to put the images back repainted the page perfectly clear and it has remained so since then. So if you run into the garbled screen bug then try switching into and then back out of article mode to clear it up.

All that is left now is to enjoy your comics on kindle, just remember to switch the screen orientation to get the best image when you intend to come back and read the new ones each day.


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