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Getting Nodules of Coronavirus, the Condition to Fulfill to Be World Renowned

Updated on April 19, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Lung nodules shown
Lung nodules shown | Source

Life has been unbearable

For three out of

Seven guys who have

Grown up in the neighborhood

Their focus during their

Youthful days had been

Becoming renown academicians in

Their land

They all finished from

Institutions but to progress

Academically become difficult for

Some of them

Because they could not

Secure jobs which they

Have thought they would

Use to further their academics

Neither do they have

Relatives nor parents who

Could sponsor them. All

Their attempts

At seeing that they

Progress academically failed. To

Worsen their situation everything

They lay their hands upon turned bad

To worsen their situations,

Their friends who they

Thought would come

To their aid were not mindful of ‘em

Things grow from bad

To worse for the

Trio such that on

Many occasions have they thought

About committing suicide but,

What has been preventing

That from happening was

That they were depressed at the same time

When person A is

Depressed person B would

Not be depressed and

Would dissuade others

From committing suicide. After

This, one of them

Raised a suggestion that

They should contact herbalist

This is the common

Trend in their land

People go to herbalists

To help them contact gods

So that they would

Have breakthroughs in life

They deliberated on this

For days before agreeing to contact herbalist.

When they got to

The herbalist and told

Him how they have

Become downtrodden and neglected

Among their peers, that

Their lives have been

Static like a lake and

Want assistance to forge ahead

Want assistance to be

Renown all over the

Globe. The herbalist replied

That they have come at the right time

For he is planning

A spiritual journey to

Meet with necromancers, astrologers

And other spiritually powerful people

All over the globe

And other powerful beings

From oceans, seas and rivers

And from the

Constellations of the firmaments

As well as other

Places that they could

Not fathom if he told them

There, issues like theirs’

Would be raised and

I assured you that

Your plight would be raised with them


To know the best

And the new thing

To offer thee because

It is at that place

That the cases of

People are being tabled

Before us once per

Decade because it is once per decade that we meet

After tabling different cases

Of people, it is

There that they would

Approve those that would

Be promoted in a

Decade those that would

Be world renown people

From each country of the world

Would be announced there

Those that would be

Debased would be announced

There, that is why I said you come at the right time

Be assured that I

Will do my best

As the secretary of

The association to push

Your cases through because

I am entitled to present

Two candidates for such

Position that you have come for

But I would try

To push the three

Of you through, he

Said to them

You go and relax

The meeting would last

thirty days because different

Representatives would be sent out

To all the countries

To verify the reports

And claims of members

In the firmaments

In our world, the

Earth and beneath the

Earth. it is after the

Verification that decision would be taken

Go home and come

Back in 35 days’ time

And I will tell

You what to do

To become world renowned

They thank their stars

That they came at

The right time and thank herbalist

They left the herbalist

Presence. As the herbalist

Stated he pushed their

Case and he was approved

Because all the previous

Slots given him, he

Never used and now

That he has one additional candidate

They all agreed that

They should make him

Happy. He was glad

For they did not disappoint him

Promising his allegiance the

More to the group

Till he dies adding

That he shall

Bring more people

Into the fold of the

Powerful ones and would

Leave the work for a dedicated person when old

Representatives were sent to

The people too as

The man stated to

Verify his claims on them

The entire house agreed

To raise the three

Up to the status

Of the world-famous people


Before the new decade

Is over but for

Anyone who shall be

Worldly acclaimed, there is a price to be paid

The price is a

One-time price for

Those on surface

Of the earth while others

From firmaments, have different

Price to be paid

And those from beneath

The earth and oceans

Would pay different price

From those from earth

Or those from firmaments

That’s their rule

The price for those

That come from earth

Is getting the nodules

Of a living organism called coronavirus

On the 35th day

They approached the man

And he told them

Everything about the trip

Tests they were subjected to

Their responses to those

Who were sent, they

Never believed those were tests when those people visited them

But they thanked their

Stars that they passed

Those tests. While thinking

All was over

The man told them

What each of them

Is expected to bring

Which was getting nodules of coronavirus

They asked the man

Again, to know if he

Was not mistaken and

He states it again

Do you want to

Be world star? Getting

The nodules of Covid-19

Is what the spirits demand of thee

They were terrified asking

How would they get

Covid-19 nodules the

Virus that is killing people

All over the world.

Each one of them

Started seeking for how

To get the nodules of Covid-19

The first person gets

An infected person in

The process of arranging

For him to be

Taken to the herbalist

He also contracted it

And both died during

The process

The second person heard

Of tiger that contracted it

And while approaching the

Tiger he was torn apart

Because he had no

Experience about how to

Deal with ferocious animals

While the third man

Isolated the bat that

Is a reservoir of the

Virus, he got the bat

Under pretense that he wants to do research on it

He was indulged by

The authorities because they

Were seeking for lasting

Solution to the pandemic

He gets the bat

To the country where

The herbalist lives but

Before getting to herbalist

The bat died while

He became infected with

Disease and was isolated

And quarantined

Because of lower immunity

Due to poor diet

He could not survive

The infection as he died the 10th day



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