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Getting to Know Maara Feezie

Updated on January 18, 2010




“The Barn Gang Detective Agency Series”


“B&G Book #1”


“The Ghost of Fad Mountain Mystery”




Lisa Luv


Lisa J. Warner














Chapter #9


Getting to Know Maara Feezie


          Maara Feezie my dear readers is a bubbly cheerleader type.

          Maara has a bright white toothy smile with maybe the largest teeth you will ever see.

          Maara often uses her smile when she talks and has permanent constant rosy cheeks which make up for her small stature.  Her hair is very blonde, and straight which she keeps cut short.  


          Maara’s favorite things to do besides her detective work are numerous.  She seems to dabble in all sorts of activities.  Maara loves to play the piano, French horn, as well as making clothing sewing.

          Maara enjoys horseback riding and collects horse figurines from colts to wild stallions.


          You probably have surmised that Maara is very bright and I can assure you she is a straight “A” student.


          Now my dear reader peeps I do have to give you a “READ ALERT” on Maara herself.


Red Alert my readers Maara has a very short temper!  She can become angry very easily and blow her fuse enough for everyone to need to take cover!


However readers don’t loose faith or be too fearful of Maara’s temper because there are warning signs to tell you just before Maara is about to blow, if only you remember to keep an eye out for it.  The warning signal has to do with Maara’s forehead.  You see Maara has a large vein on her forehead and if you see it begin to become large, purple, and blue that is the signal to take cover before her face turns beat red or; “ZOWWEEE!”  You better head for the hills because Maara is about to blow her cool!


As a matter of fact Maara’s brother Sayno often causes Maara to loose her temper quite often.  The two of them knock heads, bickering, and fighting very often.


Yet my dear reader peeps Maara’s temper can come in handy at times.  Like when you are faced with an enemy and are stuck in a dangerous situation.


For example reader peeps let us say you are being attacked by some evil villains and Maara gets knocked down and looses her temper?  Well next thing you will see is Maara turning into a Tasmanian devil!  She will have unusual strength using her anger to fight and frighten off your assailants, and before you will know it you will be all safe and sound once again, all because of Maara’s incredible temper!


So the long and short of this “RED ALERT” is that Maara’s temper can be foreseen and at times comes in very handy for the detective agency’s emergencies.


Now that you have met the first and foremost detectives in the B&G Detective Agency let me now fill you in on the rest of the detective gang.






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    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Micky Dee Thank You so much for visiting

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Okay- here we go!