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Ghost of Patrick Swayze

Updated on September 25, 2009

Following the recent death of Patrick Swayze a Romanian clairvoyant called Pulya Legg has come forward to say she has been visited by his ghost. In a copy of the film role Patrick Swayze played she said he had come to her to make it known how things should be organised at his funeral. Pulya insisted she was happy to be the chosen one and denied she had any connection with Whoopi Goldberg.

Pulya had originally been sceptical about if it was the real Patrick but after listening to his requests she was sure she was talking to the real man. He asked that the following should be adhered to:

1)      For the coffin to be lifted down the aisle by a single man similar to the pose in Dirty Dancing.

2)      ‘Time of my life’ to be played at the ceremony with choreography for people to dance down the aisle.

3)      Cardboard cut-outs of Demi Moore to decorate the church.

4)      Sexiest man alive 1991 to be included on his headstone in bold ariel font.

5)      Copies of his film Road House to be ceremoniously burnt

6)      All surf boards to be chained up and left outside the church.

7)      Commemorative clay pots to be sold afterwards and the proceeds to go to the cancer research fund and a small percentage to Pulya.

Pulya was keen to express that she had no influence on his requests and she was merely the vessel he used to make his opinions known. Unlike the clairvoyant in the film ghost Pulya was only too happy to carry out his instructions and pass them on to the media for a small fee. Requests for further work should be directed to her agent.

She was slightly disappointed when she brought out her own potters wheel but he refused to take part in some ‘one on one’ clay action leaving a tiny doubt in Pulya’s mind about his credentials.

Pulya confessed she had not always been a fan of the work of Patrick Swayze but since talking to him via the spirit world she would be revisiting a lot of his films, accept for Keeping Mum, which he said he only did for the money.

Any doubts about if it was the real Patrick Swayze contacting her were put to bed after the reaction she got telling him his coffin was being buried in a corner plot.  He apparently erupted with anger making the following statement.

“Nobody puts Swayze in the corner.”


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