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Ghosts and Stones (Poem)

Updated on August 31, 2015

Ghosts and Stones

The elements of dreamtime coalesce

Into an image of red skies bleeding

Blinding light collapsing into stars

Swirling stardust under duress screaming

Blank stare sunrise of a giant red star

Black morning moonshine underneath the overgrowth

A thousand miles of desolate shoreline

Another day without a ledge from which to leap

Downtuned thunder swims into eardrums

Beating a heart with it's wake-up-and-fight salute

A melody to renew the wasteland

Paint everything a brand new vibrant hue

Settle into the weightless watcher's throne

And let the sands slip effortlessly through

You'll never stop the constant motions

Never control what you don't comprehend

This is where we once stood

Between ghosts and stones on a living world

Where the rocks and trees were our only friends

And the tales we told were deep and true

This is how we once thought

With love in our hearts and not one ounce of regret

When into darkness we would wander

We never got lost in hopelessness

Songbirds bring reminders of our lives

To whistle empty words into the hollow between

We're not dead when the sunlight strikes us

And our aching souls begin the cycle again

Before regret became the thing that binds us

We built our chains of fantasy pure as gold

We wove worlds of our own perfection

And disappeared down the rabbit hole

I lack the power to put those shapes back together

Rebuild the puzzle of hope I once held dear

I'm nothing but patterns and empty chatter

White noise in one place buzzing with fear

This is what I once was

Something between a dreamer and a corpse

And walking down a deadend road

Filled with anger and drowning in remorse

Somewhere in the darkness

In a grave atop a ghastly hill

Was the boy who used to wander

Was the dreamer breathing still

And in his nostrils one breath lingered

One hope that could not be undone

For in the stillness of his slumber

His hunger birthed a dream of home


Author's Note

This poem, which doubles as song lyrics, is meant to be part of a themed "album" I'm working on simply entitled "Home".

The idea of homecoming or of having a home is something that I first realized was very powerful a few years ago. At the time I hit upon this theme I was still living at home, I hadn't set out on my own and thus didn't have a world of my own. I was fixated on the idea of arriving home to that familiar smell, that homey smell that only the place you live has, that unique blend, in this case it was the smell of books.

I married this idea to the story of Odysseus in the Homeric epic, he is cast adrift and forced to fight his way back home through a myriad of temptations and obstacles. In the end though he is back to the world he built for himself, to the home that he created, to the warmth of the familiar.

So the concept of home is one I've used as a theme numerous time. In this poem there's a bit more going on because the whole thing is told with a subplot of growing up and realizing you're fantasies and hopes and dreams are not necessarily going to come true. Growing up means outgrowing your fantasies. So the worlds you build while you're asleep may turn into a fighting spirit as you awake ready to face your day but you can't always make progress, meaning sometimes there is no "ledge from which to leap".

"This is where we once stood

Between ghosts and stones on a living world

Where the rocks and trees were our only friends

And the tales we told were deep and true"

This is a reference to childhood, when we used to go out and make believe, tell epic stories and never have any regrets. Sure we may have had fears but we were young and naive, invincible, dreamers without care for obstacles in our path. The idea that we are between ghosts and stones is that we are in that precarious position of being alive and young, we aren't ghosts and we aren't set in our ways yet like stones.

In the end the dreamer, the inner child, is still alive, reborn, allowing the speaker in the poem to renew what had been lost, so that they are no longer merely between a "dreamer and a corpse" but now have that dream of finding home renewed.

As I've said the theme of homecoming, for me, is a powerful one, the idea of having a sanctuary, a true home, a place where you belong that's your own corner carved into the world, resonates with me. And with it I've mixed the idea of the real world taking away your dreams only to allow them to be rekindled.

Note to Hubpages Followers

A quick rant/statement about hubpages. Recently, as most of you have noticed I'm sure, HP removed the thumbs up thumbs down feature as well as the things that let you tag an article as funny, helpful, interesting, awesome, etc. The fact is that, other than leaving comments, there really isn't a way to let a person know if you like their article.

This lack of the ability to leave feedback makes the site essentially crippled and dysfunctional in my opinion and the absolutely UGLY redesign of the front page has really soured me on doing any of my writing here. In fact to even write this hub I had to realize that the start a new hub feature is now ONLY located at the top of the front page.

So I will probably be less and less involved her on hubpages until something changes and may even delete my account if things get bad enough, as such I'm disabling ads on any new hubs and have deactivated my adsense account because it isn't worth it.

I have been and will be posting new content about religion and other topics. You can visit my original blog: godlessblogger or, for directly Bible related stuff you can visit #FucktheBible and you can find me on youtube.


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    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 2 years ago from back in the lab again

      Thanks Say Yes To Life.

      I'd love to hear it too, unfortunately I don't have any actual musical talent so they remain just poetic words set to a tune that is trapped in my head :D

      I'll probably stick around but it depends on what changes are coming next. Hubpages seems to be removing a lot of features, for one thing having to go into my account to find comments and approve them is a huge pain in the ass compared to having comments easily accessible on the main page next to our profile pictures like they used to. And the notification system has largely stopped telling me when new comments are there for approval, I've had to check my email to even find out.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 2 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Please don't leave us!!!

      This poem is beautiful, and I'm pleased to read it is a song as well. I'd love to hear it sometime.