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Ghouls and The Decimation Of A Mothers Memory

Updated on June 12, 2010

It all started many years in the past. A single mother seeking companionship met a single man at the nightclub. The mom was lonely and wanted desperately to be loved and cared for. The man was an opportunist who lived woman to woman as long as they were able to support him. The mother worked hard to provide a good life for her only child, a son.

The son was in need of a male role model and instantly became fascinated with moms new beau. He was a truck driver and a hunter which struck the boy as being an exciting life and a person to look up to. The man played with the boy and even taught him some things that the boy never knew. Having grown up with predominately females the boy craved and desired male bonding.

The man moved in with the mom almost instantly, this did not cause a problem in itself as the man was on the road most of the time. Things went well for awhile. Everyone was happy.

Mom continued to work to support her son and her home. The man due to an alcohol addiction was not able to continue driving for a living. Not wanting to do anything else the man laid around the house pretending that household chores counted as a job. The mom bought the man everything he wanted even if it meant more for the man then the boy.

The mother pretty much paid for everything including the house that they owned. Everything in the home belonged to the mother, the man had nothing which he earned the money to purchase. The man became more and more of a deviant to the boy as he got older. Dealing with an arrogant and argumentative man taught the boy the evils of alcohol.

The man smoked and drank, smoked and drank. Eventually he was diagnosed with Cancer in his mouth and had to undergo several surgeries including the removal of his tongue. This was a blessing to the boy as he hated to hear the garbage which came out of the mans mouth. He would call the mother names and was just pretty much a miserable man. His diagnosis did not give him much time but the man held on.

The mom died one night in her sleep. Only sixty years old it came as a shock to the boy. Once the mom died the man never let the boy in the house again. Never offered the boy any of his mom's belongings even those objects left to him by his World War II veteran grandfather.  The boy was not worried as his mom told him everything in the house and even the house itself would be passed down to him.

This is not what happened. Only a week before his suicide the man was brought to a lawyer by his brother. This brother came around once a year for a couple of hours at Christmas, other then that he was a stranger. The lawyer changed the mom's will leaving everything to the brother.

The brother and the rest of the man's family swarmed on the home like a group of ghouls liquidating the home of anything of value. The brother did not offer the boy anything. The boy, who lived upstairs had to sit in the window watching his mothers possessions stolen by strangers.

It broke his heart that not one of his mother's wishes was carried out. It seemed to the boy that even the memory of his mother was being hauled off by the alcoholics ghoul of a family. It was hard to deal with and sent the boy into years of depression. Still to this day the boy has dreams nightly to remind him of the injustice done to the memory of his mom.

There was nothing within the confines of the legal system that could rectify the injustice. The boy got by with the thought that the man's brother only continued to breathe at the boy's whim. The boy had so much anger and resentment that he knew doing violence to the brother could be done easily. The only reason the brother continued to live at all is because the boy had not yet decided to end it!

The boy had a family of his own and was unwilling to pay the price of violence. Whether the brother realized it or not every time he came face to face with the boy there was a chance the brother would not exist at the end of the meeting. This got the boy through the day knowing he had control over something if he ever desired to act on it.


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      Pamela Kinnaird W 7 years ago from Maui and Arizona