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Updated on April 30, 2009


This is an article with short poems. Poems comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Poems have been around for a real long time. Some poems rhyme and others do not. Some poems are serious and others are meant to be funny. Poems have a way to motivate people and some poems can bring people to tears. Below is a list of short poems in all different types of categories.

Mother day poems

Poem one- You saw me through the hard times/you saw me through the good/you saw me through the bad/you saw me through the worst/I want to put all that stuff away/I want to take this time to say/Thanks for being there and happy mother's day

Poem two- God picked you as my mother/looking back he must have known/that you would have been the light to be shown/whether I was down sad or mad you always made me glow/now it's my time to see you through the low/happy mother's day and don't ever go

Poem three- Mothers come in all kinds of shapes/Mothers come in all different sizes/Mothers come in all different colors/mothers can have all the attitude in the world/mothers can be outright plain/but you're the mother I would never want to change/so have a very happy mother's day

Father day poems

Poem one- Nothing makes me feel as protected/as I lay there in my crib/looking around/looking up to the right to the left and down/nothing can stop me crying except one thing/if I could talk I know exactly what I'd say/I'd wait until you got me and wish you a happy father's day

Poem two- Father's day is here/it's a shame it only comes once a year/you deserve to have a day named after you every single day/everyday should be cherished with you in every single way/but hey have a happy father's day anyway

Poem three- Dads are tall and mighty/dads are ready for all kinds of fights and ready to throw a right/over-protective maybe always happy slightly/dads are the reasons why kids can sleep with no fear nightly/so happy father's day/this is said not light heatedly

Military poems

Poem one- Soldiers keep the world safe/soldiers make sure everything is in the right place/soldiers are not afraid of whom or what they might face/soldiers are trained warriors ready to eliminate/soldiers are always ready to fight and embrace/next time you see a soldier thank them with all of your grace

Poem two- He is the one staying up all night/you are sleeping and he is the one in a fight/you are the one going out all the time/he is the one wishing he was home with his wife/you are the one stressing about little things that seem big/he is out there and at anytime can lose his life/you are the one who thinks they know strife/he is the one who carries the burden of the heaviest boulder/you are the one who thinks they carry the that kind of weight on your shoulder/he is the one who is one of a kind for he is a soldier

Poem three- Soldiers will fight with everything they have/they will always defend the good and fight the bad/they will fight for the right to live so others can be glad/they fight for the right so a man can be grown from a lad/they will hardly ask for anything in return/they hardly show fear/however it's nice when prayers they hear

Drinking poems

Poem one- One drink in a bar and everyone is still fools/two drinks in a bar still nobody looks or sounds smart/three drinks in a bar now you're listening to them with your heart/four drinks in a bar you're now play a game of darts/five drinks in a bar you're hopping over a fence/can't make anything of this poem/it's because the ninth beer kicked in and nothing makes sense

Poem two- the bartender is the poor man's therapist/he knows all and sometimes way too much/he will keep you drunk and in a stupor as such/he will make sure you are feeling good and kept a lush/if you get too loud he might tell you to hush/if you get crazy he will tell you to get a grip/however he will forget all of that if you give him another tip

Poem three- Drinking is thought to be fun/drinking is thought to be better than a run/drinking is thought to be a good weekend activity/drinking is thought to not make you ale/drinking is thought to not make you forgetful/drinking is why you are sitting wondering how much is bail/drinking last night caused you to go to jail


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