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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Five)

Updated on July 21, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source


She waited for Cameron to return but he never showed as he said he would. She felt abandoned for some strange reason and she had no idea why, maybe it was because he was the only person she has ever met like her, but it wasn't like they were close; hell they didn't even know each other, right? She shook the feeling and stopped overanalyzing the situation. Kinessa gathered her things for her classes and left for the academy. The ride was quiet Ms. Poppy focused on the road as if something may jump out in front of the car. It was seven in the morning and the fog made everything look like the setting for a horror movie. She pulled up to the academy and it even had an eerie feel. The statues looked like gargoyles and she could almost imagine a mass grave being found under the foundation of the school. It really just had that kind of vibe coming off of it right at that point. Ms. Poppy waited for Kinessa to exit the car.

"Why aren’t you parking? I thought you would be going with me?" Kinessa looked at her in fear.

“I said you would be watched. You have an escort to your classes and he will also bring you home after your classes. I expect you to respect his authority and do as you are told.” Ms. Poppy pointed up the stairs to what all Kinessa could see was the back of some guy, but it wasn't just some guy because when he turned around that some guy was Cameron and he was cleaned up and blended in well with all the other school guys. He didn’t quite look like a jock or a geek, he fit right in the middle, just an all-round guy’s guy. Her jaw dropped as he walked to the car and opened the door for her. All that she could think is, he should be illegal. He was sexy as hell. She couldn't help but stare he was wearing brand new Levis that he had no problem filling out in all the right places, school color polo shirt that helped show off some muscle, his blonde hair was combed but still had that freshly washed look, and his eyes were a cool blue. If she ever thought she would meet an angel, he was it.

“Hello, you must be Kinessa. My name is Cameron I will be your escort while you attend the academy.” Whatever he was up to he was doing a good job at being a convincing actor. He waited for Ms. Poppy to leave when he took her by the hand and rushed her to her first class where she was almost late. They did not speak during any of her classes and he spoke very little to her in between them too. This annoyed Kinessa. But she moved forward with her day. Each class had a pleasant atmosphere and she felt relaxed and calm aside from the being annoyed by Cameron not answering her curiousness. However as she entered her last class the entire atmosphere of the day changed. She had almost forgotten what her literature teacher was like and as she sat down at her desk he began hitting her hard with questions. She looked around at the handful of students and they seemed surprised by their teacher’s actions, but as she looked to Cameron he looked unsurprised and downright pissed. He slapped her desk to draw her attention back toward him. He made her feel small and ignorant. Kinessa could feel her body changing again and without warning her skin became burning hot.

“You must be careful. Please you must calm yourself.” For the first time she spoke back to him through her mind.

“Why should I calm down? All I have ever dealt with is people like him, bullies. Why should he be allowed to do such things to me, he doesn't even know me.”

She fought back the tears that burned around the edges of her eyes.

“Kinessa, please you must try.”

Cameron almost sounded like he was begging for her to listen to him.

She did and when she calmed herself and was able to look back up, Kinessa began to answer every question that Mr. Castles had asked her and in the order that they had been asked. This made him very angry and he turned quickly after she was quiet and told her

“I’m sorry, I wasn't listening so your answers are incorrect due to lack of participation.”

Kinessa was full of hatred for this man and she was not going to continue to be part of his personal joke. She calmly reached down and picked up her things and made her way to the front where she slammed her book down on his desk and walked out of the class without saying a word. Cameron followed quickly behind her while in the process of shooting an angry look at the teacher for his cruelty. Cameron would make sure he would be put on the watch list. For treating his students unfairly.

“Where are you going?” Cameron asked her as she walked out the double doors of the academy.

“I’m going anywhere but here. Don’t worry you’re off the hook, you don’t have to watch me anymore cause I’m going back home.” Kinessa kept walking when she felt a familiar grip around her arm and a voice say

“That is not an option! Why can’t you get that through your thick skull? Wherever you go from now on you are in danger.” Cameron’s eyes changed just slightly, to anyone else they wouldn’t have noticed but for Kinessa it was just enough to show he was annoyed.

“If I’m in so much danger then why bother giving me someone to follow me around, you won’t be able to watch me twenty-four seven, now can you? Eventually they, it ,or whatever will find me and either kill me, you, or both of us.”

She gave him all she had in the attitude department. Cameron knew she was right. He couldn't keep her safe here but he knew where he could.

“You’re absolutely right. I can’t watch you like this. Fine, you win. Get in the car.” He opened the door to the nicest car she had ever laid eyes on. The midnight blue color seemed to fit his character and she slid into the leather seat and sat back as he closed the door. She watched him walk around the front of the car waiting for him to look at her but he never did. Cameron entered the car and started it up. She thought it was going to be a quiet exit but when the car roared to life it startled her. He began to drive to what she thought was to her house but when he drove right on by it she started to freak out.

“Where are you taking me?” she panicked.

“I’m taking you where I know I can keep you safe and watch you. There is no argument and the only way you’re getting out of this car is if you can sprout wings and fly.”

He used his innocent but evil grin to make her feel uneasy about his plan, but what options did she honestly have. Flying was definitely not an option.

The ride was long and it was quiet she sat waiting for an answer but Cameron remained silent. The scenery quickly changed from a country setting to a medieval times mystery. He turned the car down a long dirt road that was surrounded on both sides with woods. She started picturing all the worst possible scenarios that could happen. She didn’t know him, what if he made her do horrible things or he did horrible things to her. Then she saw their destination.

“What is this place?” Kinessa thinking this was some kind of a sick joke; as she seen the old, rustic castle come into view.

“It’s called the Knight’s Den.” He answered quickly and quietly as if someone would hear.

They pulled up in front of the large doors that carried a symbol of what looked like a knight with a bird of some kind on it. Kinessa was terrified of this place. It made her feel unwelcome. She could almost hear it speak a warning to her. She also thought for a split second she seen the symbol on the door glow red.

“Get out and let’s get inside.” Cameron ordered.

“Screw you! No, I’m not getting out and going in there. This place creeps me out.” She refused.

“Kinessa get out of the car or I will take you out. We don’t have time for you to play games. Now get out of the car.” Cameron was becoming very angry at her childish attitude.

“No! You want me out, you will have to beak every bone in my body first.” she turned her back to him.

Kinessa heard his door open and she looked as he closed it and noticed he left the keys in the car. She quickly locked the doors as he made his way around the front of the car. He watched her as he heard the doors locked. This had gone too far with her acting like a spoiled brat. Cameron didn’t have any more tolerance for this behavior.

“Kinessa, open this door now or so help me I will break every bone in your body.” Cameron’s eyes were slowing beginning to change from the green they were to dark blue.

“I thought you were smart, but now I’m not so sure. I think I will stay right here until you agree to take me home.” Kinessa was feeling pretty good about the way this was playing out. She finally felt that she had the upper hand on the situation.

She laid her seat back as she tuned out the sound of Cameron yelling for her to open the door and beating on the glass. While lying there Kinessa fell asleep and began to dream at first it confused her because it was too much like reality. She thought she was waking to what she thought was reality but when she heard the pop of the door locks and the sight of Cameron sitting in the driver’s seat she knew she was dreaming but before she could get it all processed through her brain it turned into a huge nightmare. When Cameron looked at her and his eyes were black as night. Kinessa screamed as she watched his face change from Cameron to the old man from the night before.

“Kinessa, why do you make things so difficult for yourself? All I wanted was for you to answer a few questions and you rudely left. Didn’t your parents teach you better manners than that? You should really respect your elders.” He watched her like a predator watches its prey. She remained silent now praying for Cameron to come to the rescue.

“Young lady you are trying my patience. Perhaps we should start with other questions, like where are you? I cannot see where you are, something or someone is blocking my view. And I’m a betting kind of man, so I’m going to put my money on someone. Who is your Watcher Kinessa? I know you must have one, which is why I cannot see where you are.” He was smiling as if he had just answered a million dollar question. She kept looking for a way out but the door were still locked and the windows would not go down. The old man began to giggle at her useless efforts to escape. His hands smelled of peppermint and tobacco as he reached to touch Kinessa’s face. “Don’t touch me. My parents taught me not to talk to freaks like you. What do you want with me and who are you?” Kinessa asked as she slapped his hand away.

About that time her prayer had been answered Cameron’s voice shot through her brain. “Get your ass out of the car NOW!” without hesitation she tried for the door again but the locks were still jammed and the old man was reaching for the keys. “Let’s go for a ride Kinessa.” She screamed again as she beat on the windows with her fist in pure panic. But something else took over as she turned to the man and hit him with all her strength even though it didn't seem to do much other than surprise him, it gave her enough time to reached for the keys; where she was able to get them out of the ignition before he came back with a blow from what she thought for an old man wasn't going to hurt so much, however left her with a sizzling pain in the side of her head which was now bleeding, she noticed he had hit her with his cane and she was really scared now but another burst of fight came through her body as she picked up a bottle from the floor of the car and hit him in the head with it but even that didn't even seem to hurt the man as his eyes changed from black to glowing red.

As the man reached to grab Kinessa a crash of glass came from behind her head and someone began to pull her through the window. She kicked and fought the man as he held on to her legs and finally she was able to get one foot free and she kicked him in the face hard enough to make him let go. Out of the car finally she looked up to see the person that had pulled her from her doom had no face. Kinessa was too weak to scream but suddenly she caught the smell of mint and she knew it was Cameron or at least she hoped so. She was carried inside a thick layer of fog where she was told by the faceless body to wake up. “Kinessa, wake up. Come on now you need to wake up.” Cameron’s voice continued to ring throughout her mind. She could feel her body being picked up and moved again and his smell and voice a continuous reminder that he was right there with her. She couldn’t figure out the deal with the mint smell. The old man smelled of mint as well. Was it something that all Irish men smelled of or just these guys? She could feel her body being carried for quite some ways before all movement came to a stop and then a strange feeling came over her almost an uncomfortable feeling. Her feet felt like they were burning and the sensation moved up her body. What was going on? Was she on fire? She needed to wake up but she didn’t know how. Where was she and what was Cameron doing? Would he really be able to protect her here? She was starting to have doubts about everything now.


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