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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Six)

Updated on October 7, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

The Past

When Kinessa finally woke she wasn't on the ground she was still in the car however the window was busted out and the door open with Cameron by her side watching her with the look in his eyes that she would never wake up at all. As she went to sit up her head went to spinning and a pain shot through it that was beyond words to describe. Had it all been just a dream or should she say a nightmare? She put her hand to the spot automatically and when she pulled it away she found the wet, stickiness of blood on her fingers. The facts hit her like a ton of bricks she was really in danger. The only unanswered questions were why and by who. What did she ever do to anyone to deserve all this?

Cameron seen the blood on the tips of her fingers and without words scooped Kinessa up and out of the car and rushed her into the castle. His face remained unmoved and focused. He took her into a bedroom that was filled with the colors of purple and lavender, with stone walls that carried many different symbols carved into them. He laid her on the gigantic bed that felt like it was nothing but feathers. He rushed out of the room but only for a second when he returned he carried a satchel that was full of medical supplies but he only cleaned the area on her head so that he could see where the wound was, then gently took her head in his hands and placed his forehead against her and looked deep into her eyes and took in a deep breath and spoke to her in a language she had never heard before but it sounded like a beautiful melody. She could feel what she could only picture as the cut stitching itself back together and when she placed a single finger to the area it was fading away.

When he stopped he opened his eyes to her to reveal a soft hazel color and she almost lost herself in them but just as she went to move closer he quickly removed his hands and pushed himself away. “Lay there and don’t move.” He ordered her. He watched her for a split second longer and stood and retreated to another door and opened it. She watched him as he walked through it and heard him rummaging through something and finally she asked him.

“Why does this place feel like it hates me?” Everything stopped Cameron stepped out and looked at her with a very confused face. “What makes you think such a thing? This place is here for your protection?” Cameron went back into the closet and continued rummaging through stuff he returned and found Kinessa looking as if she had been taken hostage and was being held for ransom. “Here this should fit you, it’s all we have here until I can make arrangements to get some of your things brought here.” He noticed that none of what he said made the situation any better. “This place hates me; it feels like it’s trying to crush me into little pieces.” Tears washed down her face and Cameron was having a hard time with that, his emotions were starting to take over and this was something he had never had to deal with before for all he wanted to do was to hold her and kiss her and make her feel safe but he knew that would only put her in even more danger. He pushed his feelings aside and spoke as gently as possible without sounding completely heartless. “Put this on and come to the dining room I will have you something to eat ready, you must be hungry.” Cameron walked away and closed the door behind him.

Kinessa felt as if he were as cold as stone. She got up from the bed and walked to the door and just placed her hand upon it where at that very moment Cameron was on the other side with his hand placed in the exact spot and in that instant she could feel him; every ache and pain that he had, all his emotions it all flowed through her like water. Cameron stood there not knowing what she was doing but he too could feel her and he could not bring himself to turn away from it. She finally pushed herself away from the door and he felt the connection fall away from him. He backed away slowly hoping the door would open but it didn't. What was happening? None of his training had ever prepared him for such a situation.

Kinessa turned to the bed it looked so inviting and she was exhausted from the whole day, but she was terrified to close her eyes, the thought that the old man would find her even in this place put her on edge. As she crossed the room to where Cameron placed the clothing she noticed the material was silk and it was a dress; a very beautiful dress. It was a dark purple and lavender color and it had the same symbols on it as the walls of the room did. Kinessa found a washcloth and washed the dirt and mud off of her and placed the soft, silk material on her skin she walked over to the full length mirror and looked at herself noticing that the dress was different from any other dress it was resizing itself to fit her just right. It matched every curve she had and some she hadn't known she had before. When it was finished the symbols began to glow as did the ones on the walls. Kinessa became very nervous but she did not move instinct told her she would not be harmed. The mirror she stood before began to change colors and opened like a door. She wanted to call out for Cameron but she needed to get through the awkward feelings she was having for him.

Kinessa stepped through it and found herself in another time. It was like a black and white film from an old movie. It was a party and a very fancy one at that, she walked around but nobody noticed her so she figured out that she was here to see or learn something. About that time she seen a familiar face it was her father he was about her age and he was happy something she rarely seen from him she walked right up to him and suddenly black and white turned to color his eyes were blue a very light blue, all her life she has always seen him with brown eyes, but here they were blue. “He is just like me.” So many questions rolled through her head but they would have to wait because something was happening. She watched this old living film play before her own eyes as people walked up and greeted her father; shaking hands and kissing cheeks. Why did he not tell her about any of this?

“Allen Suntree, How are you son?” An older gentleman asked as he shook her father’s hand. “Mr. Neely, good to see you sir.” Her father replied.

“So are you ready to join the council?” The man crossed his arms and stared intensely at her father. “Mr. Neely after a lot of debate I have made my decision and yes, I am ready.” With a proud smile Allen Suntree gave his answer and Kinessa’s world came crashing back in on her. This was all so confusing for her and she knew only Cameron could answer the questions or he knew the people who had the answers.

She looked in the mirror once more and seen she looked nothing like herself, it was like looking at a stranger inside her body, the dress cut low and tight around her breast and clanged to her hips. She stepped out into the hallway and waited for another freak flashback, when nothing happened she began to follow the hall to the dining room. She slowly stepped inside to find a fireplace lit and food on the table it took all of Kinessa’s control not to make a mad rush to the food, but before she could make her way to the table she heard movement from behind her. She stood still to see if the sound was coming toward her “Kinessa” It was Cameron. She turned to reveal the rest of her very well developed body. Before her very own eyes she watched his eyes change from dark green to baby blue. Cameron searched for words but nothing was coming out the way he meant it.

“You, wow, um, you, you look like something, yea I’m going to go check on something in the other room.” She blushed with embarrassment but before he could make it out the door the questions began to flow. “My father was a council member? Did you know this?”

Cameron was in complete shock. He asked himself “How could she know that?”

Then he asked her “Who told you that?”

Kinessa took a deep breath “The castle showed me.” She waited for him to tell to tell her she was completely crazy, but he walked right up to her and whispered “Gifted” she had no idea what he meant by that, but something inside them both began to stir, like electric shock bouncing back and forth between them and then it happened Kinessa’s world was ripped from her. Cameron watched her face go blank and her eyes turn white. “Kinessa? Kinessa are you okay?” She was a human statue that he was terrified to move not knowing what she was seeing or experiencing.

She found herself standing in front of the fireplace watching her father and a young woman speaking almost in a panic manor; this was not her mother, but wait she turned to look Kinessa’s direction she was pregnant. Kinessa moved closer to hear the conversation.

“Allen, you must leave the council. It’s not safe she will be killed if she is “Gifted”.

“I cannot leave you; we can both leave together, now, before the baby is born.” He pleaded

“No, Kinessa must be kept safe, you know the laws. Besides there’s no time she will be here soon.” She took her father’s hand and placed it on her swollen belly. Kinessa was in total shock. This couldn't possibly be her mother. Her mother had red hair and hazel eyes, this woman had blonde hair and blue eyes or what she thought was blue eyes. What did she mean by if she was “Gifted” she would be killed and by who?

Then like having the wind knocked out of her Kinessa came flying back to reality. Confusion and so many more questions swirled around in her head. Cameron watched her as if he was watching a ghost. She was pale and she looked as if she just walked through death’s door. “Kinessa, what happened? Are you hurt?”

“Who am I? What am I? Who is my mother?” She screamed out. She could feel her whole world change and Cameron watched as her eyes changed every shade until the stopped at a glowing violet and her body was shaking. She walked up to the fireplace and ran her hand across the symbols carved on the mantle and they began to glow violet as well. Cameron froze not sure what to believe, she was more than “Gifted” she was “Enchanted.” Kinessa started going through all the memories she had of her life as far back as she could. This woman that gave birth to her was never mentioned not even once. No pictures were ever showed. Did she die giving birth to her? Was this why she was being shown all this now? So much emotion was running through her body she wasn’t sure if she could handle it all. It was like being told your best friend that knew you inside out had just died and all you could do is cry, scream, and destroy everything in your path. She had the crying and screaming part down but a calm came over her and she felt something different. An emotion that wasn’t hers at all. She felt destructive and angry. This wasn’t her and then all of a sudden she felt locks and bars come over her mind and she had no control. Someone was wearing her body like a suit. And she was downright evil. Kinessa kicked and screamed trying to find any way of escape but could find none. She concentrated on her surroundings; it was blackness so she imagined where she first seen Cameron; a courtyard with a single lamppost to light the area. What was so special about this place? She started seeing other images ones that weren’t part of her own. It was an image of her father and the pregnant woman but she wasn’t pregnant here they were dropping flowers in the fountain. She watched as the flowers began floated and the woman held her hands over her mouth and cried. Just then a zap of lighting hit her in the stomach almost like a warning to stop looking. After she caught her breath and was able to focus once again Kinessa started looking for another way out. How could she call out for help? “Help me! Can anyone hear me? Cameron!” She continued to scream until another zap to the stomach took her down. She wasn’t sure if she would recover from that one. Her body felt weak and nearly numb from the electric shocks. She sat there quietly in her own mind trying to find a way to freedom without being fried in the process. She could hear what was being said as the invader played the role of Kinessa Suntree but she wasn’t sure if Cameron would be able to tell the difference. She never let him see her true self because they were always bickering over what was best for her. Therefore he only knows the attitude side of her. They never discussed any kind of code words for these situations. Oh they were so getting a code word. Kinessa thought to herself. Kinessa started concentrating really hard trying to talk to Cameron again and pray that whoever didn’t figure it out and try to give her another bad perm. Wait! What was that? Kinessa thought she heard Cameron and not with her ears. “CAMERON!!! CAMERON!!! Can you hear me? Please hear me.” Her hope was beginning to fade. Would she ever see with her own eyes again? She began to realize she took so many things for granted especially Cameron all he was trying to do was protect her from this mess. Maybe this is what she deserved for acting like such a rotten person. “Cameron, I’m so sorry, please hear me.” She said as she closed her eyes and prayed for a rescue.


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