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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Three)

Updated on October 3, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

His Name

She watched him as she answered him with the same response as each time before only with more attitude "No!" She was angry and her nerves were on edge this had all become too much for one day. She tried to struggle away from him but his hard fingers bit down more to hold her still. She felt as though she should be afraid of him but somewhere deep down she knew she should not fear him at all.

She stopped her struggle for freedom and looked at him and with each passing second she seem to be able to look deeper into his eyes,almost catching a glimpse of something gentle, for his eyes seem to have lightened up almost like he was relieved of some heavy burden, but it didn’t last long. He seem to have built up a wall surrounding his feelings and his eyes burned brighter than before.

"What is your name?" Kinessa demanded with her eyes slowly changing from bright green to light purple when he refused to speak to her.

"If you won't speak to me and answer a simple question as to what your name is then go away and leave me alone!" She shouted

His grip on her arms tightened and his eyes seemed to glow brighter "That is not an option." She thought if they got any brighter she would surely see flames. He placed her feet back on the ground, loosened his grip slightly, and looked around to make sure of their surroundings, and then with a deep breath he opened his mind up to hers and she heard his voice speak to her.

"My name is Cameron, I am your Watcher." She could see the worry all over his face as if he had just done something criminal.

"I won't say anything, I promise." Kinessa said to help calm his fears that his secret was safe with her.

"If you want to survive here you won't say anything at all. Do you understand? You never know who will be listening or watching." He was very serious, but without the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes Kinessa would have found it hard to take him seriously, his face was still young, the only sign of his age was a little bit of facial hair that helped to show he wasn't just some kid playing adult. He really was a younger man but she believed everything he said and trusted that he meant every word.

"I understand, will you please let go of my arms; you're hurting them." She winced as he released her. "Thank You." She whispered

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. Are you okay?" He sounded so innocent then he was all business again. He moved like a hawk spotting something in the darkness. "It's time to go." He was watching the surrounding area intensely as if something or someone were spying on them.

"Why is something wrong?" Kinessa moved closer to him, looking in the same direction that Cameron was even though her eyes were unable to see anything other than blackness.

"We must leave now." Cameron grabbed Kinessa and pushed her backwards. She felt like she was falling down the rabbit hole like Alice and just before she hit the ground she found herself jumping out of her bed. She waited a few moments to make sure that she was really back in her own bed and not still dreaming. Once she was sure of her surroundings she felt an overwhelming need for a shower. She placed her feet on the metal frame waiting for a moment to pass worried something from a horror flick may reach out and grab her by the ankles. Finally she stepped down onto the wooden floor and with three large steps she was at her door walking out.

She made her way to the bathroom thinking a hot shower would calm her nerves; after all it was just a dream, but when she removed the gray sweater from her body she realized it was anything but a dream for her arms were not the usual cream tan color, they now each held five purple bruises in the shape of Cameron's fingerprints from where he held her in place. "Ouch!" She poked at one of the spots on her arm. Alarms rang throughout her brain, it really happened, he was really there and he was able to hurt me. Kinessa tried to shake off the terror of the reality check and got into the shower.

The shower was nice and hot maybe a little too hot but her muscles weren't complaining as her skin turned dark pink from the heat. She finished, dried off and dressed in her favorite pair of pants and yellow shirt that doubled as a hoodie. She studied herself in the mirror for a while. She noticed even her dark blonde hair was going through a change it was almost brown it was adjustment for her. She had never liked the thought of her hair being any other color even when her mom tried to talk her into dying it. Her eyes were a dark blue thanks to the hot shower that helped calm her emotions. However the dark circles around her eyes were there warning her that she was in need of sleep; something she feared she would never get again.

When she finished making herself presentable, she made her way to the kitchen; where she found a cereal bar and some orange juice. She jumped up on the counter and sat there picking at her food when she heard the phone ring; it was two in the morning who in would be calling at this time she thought to herself. Kinessa was about to open the door when she overheard her teacher answer.

"Hello, oh Mr. Suntree" Ms. Poppy answered startled. A long silence seemed to fill the air. "Are you sure Sir I’m more than qualified to handle it?" Uncertainty and hesitation came from the teacher's mouth. Another long pause and she quietly said "Yes Sir, I understand." She quietly hung up the phone and returned to her room mumbling something under her breath.

Kinessa was boggled by this; her father called and didn't ask to even speak with her. “Why?” She went back to her room and sat there watching the moon; she felt very alone and lost. Kinessa fought back the urge to cry. She didn’t like the emotional roller coaster she was on so she looked up and made a promise to herself "Tomorrow will be better." She whispered to the moon.

The sun broke through the light blue curtains as Kinessa sat up studying the morning light that illuminated her room for a moment and placed her feet on the wooden floor. As she stood to cross the room a knock came to her door softly. "May I come in Kinessa?" Ms. Poppy announced before cracking the door open.

Kinessa waited for any kind of warning as she slowly crossed the room to the door, but there was nothing. She opened the door and her teacher stepped inside and stood silent for a minute then said, "There has been a change in your lesson plan. You will be attending some classes here at the academy."

Kinessa was confused by this, "I thought you were my teacher and I was to be watched."

A little annoyed Ms. Poppy replied "You will still be watched and you will start tomorrow. I will show you around today."

Kinessa got ready to go; she wasn't exactly sure how to dress so she put on her best Polo shirt and jeans. She had forgotten what it was like to be around kids her own age, she felt weird, she had been home schooled for the last five years, why change that now? There was only three months left before graduation.

All the students wore uniforms, they were red and yellow. Kinessa watched and seen that just like any other school everyone had a group; the jocks, nerds, preps, freaks, etc... Kinessa felt the best solution for her to stay out of trouble was to stay away from everyone and just ride out the last three months like she was invisible.

She kept her head down to passing by students and only acknowledged the teachers when she was introduced and spoken to. Her first teacher Mr. Canary would be her science teacher, she liked him he was laid back and calm with a sense of humor. He had a rebel attitude about him, he did not follow the dress code. He wore a Hawaiian shirt, dress slacks, beach sandals with socks, and a school colored beanie hat. He was a very odd man, but Kinessa knew that she would enjoy his classes. He introduced himself with a smile and a simple handshake. He asked Kinessa a few science questions to make sure she was up to speed with what they were currently working on in class. When he felt satisfied Mr. Canary handed her a science book and a list of materials that she would be needing. As they opened the classroom door to leave Mr. Canary spoke once last time “Kinessa, What burns with the passion of violet and the calm of blue?” She was confused by such a riddle, was it a science question or just him being silly? But before she could say anything he stopped her and just shook his head with a smile. “The answer is not for me to know. However it may help you throughout your stay here.” He said quietly and showed her to her next class.

Her second teacher was also very nice Mrs. Hernes she taught health. She was also in a way strange but not in the same way as her previous teacher. She was elegant and proper. She wore a silk dress covered in lace and her age didn't seem to match up with her hair while she looked as though she was in her late thirties her hair matched that of a woman in their seventies or eighties, the silver shimmered in the fluorescent lighting of her class, and she spoke as if she were from another era all together. This peaked many interests and questions for Kinessa. She too asked questions regarding the subject of study to ensure she had been properly taught. When complete she was given a first aid kit, a book, and another list of materials that would be needed. When they finished all discussions of the class, Mrs. Hernes too stopped Kinessa upon exiting the room but this time she was not given a riddle but instead she was given a ring with what looked to be a real emerald jewel and the designs on the ban looked ancient. “Take this and wear it and for no reason child take it off.” She also would not allow Kinessa to speak and seen her to her next class. Kinessa was very confused by all this, why are they doing this? But she did as she was told and entered into her last class.

Her last teacher was not as pleasant as the ones before, Mr. Castles would be her literature teacher. He was very rude and would not allow Kinessa to speak at all. He made the visit short but from what she observed he had no respect for a female and spoke to Ms. Poppy as if he were speaking past her to someone else never looking her in the eye and when she tried to shake his hand he turned his back on her and told us to leave. Kinessa knew this teacher would be trouble. He dressed well and slicked his hair back like he was a mob boss, he also acted as if he were some kind of royalty. Kinessa collected her things for the class and waited an extra minute to make sure he would not also be asking any questions or try to give her something that he felt would be of any importance to her stay. When nothing changed she left with her things and followed her teacher to the HeadMasters' office for her schedule. She sat as Ms. Poppy collected the last of the paperwork from the Head Master. She observed her surroundings, the academy was like any other high school except the teachers were extremely different. She watched the students come and go like mice in a maze trying to find the slice of cheese, in their case though it was their class or wherever they were meant to be at that moment.

After receiving her schedule Ms. Poppy took her to the village square for some school shopping. Kinessa browsed the shops for a few new outfits while her teacher picked up what would be her new school look. Kinessa entered one shop that carried an odd collection of books some that looked as if they were made from human skin, but she had such a love of books the more rare and unique the better for her. She ran her hand over the covers just glancing hoping for one to catch her eye, however her love of books would have to wait today because what caught her eye happened to be her other love and it was calling to her, music, any and all kinds of music it helped her relax and feel like a normal teenager. She walked out of the book store and crossed over to a clothing store that had some different types of cd’s and records in the window display, just as she was looking into the window of the store she caught a glimpse of a familiar reflection, it was the courtyard from her dreams and there by the fountain was Cameron, he was just standing there watching her just like her dream on the plane and with the same look on his face that there was something he needed to say.

She turned to face him and he kept his eyes on her but as she went to take a step toward him he stepped back from her approach and looked dead at her in a cold eerie stare and shakes his head and then she heard him whisper in her mind

"Don't, it's not safe. Keep your distance. Nobody can know that we have had contact. "

Kinessa searched for someone out of place that he could be so concerned with seeing them speaking to each other. But she had no idea of who that could be or why anyone would really care to begin with. She decided to try to go to him anyway. This time she made it about three steps off the curb before she heard his impatience growl in the back of her mind.

“I told you to do something for your own safety and you’re refusing to listen. Are you trying to get us both killed? Back away NOW!”

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    • profile image

      Lori Hrdina 

      6 years ago

      loving this book, waiting patiently to read more.


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