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Girl Time

Updated on August 16, 2016
rebeckadepalma profile image

Just a single mom raising her own 3 kids and her brothers 3. It's a hectic life, but someone has to do it.

It's All About Girl Time

I can’t believe today is the big day. The day that @IBlong2You and @MelTheMemorable are arriving. It’s been years since we were all together with all of our assignments and different paths that we have taken.

There’s nothing like a little girl time, especially when it’s needed. I double check all the arrangements and bookings to make sure that their trips are as easy as possible. Now as long as they don’t make a scene at the airport, it should all go smoothly. Laughing out at the thought of them getting mouthy when someone pushes their buttons. Shit!

Quickly picking up my mobile phone to call the car agency to verify that there are two limo’s booked for them with some nice eye candy as drivers.

As they reservations are confirmed I let out a soft sigh and go back to running around the penthouse, making sure that all the rooms are set up and closets are empty. Katie and Mel are going to LOVE their rooms and walk in closets. All the room they have. Grinning to myself as I check the final details. So eager and excited for my besties.

I don’t see much sleep in my future as we play catch up. Not that I am complaining. Checking the time as I realize that Katie has probably landed. “Shit!” Jumping as the mobile goes off in my hand and I see it’s from Katie. Laughing my ass off at her message. I am glad you enjoyed the male driver. She could use a bit more fun.

Now to just wait for her to arrive and for Mel to get her ass here. I should have booked her an earlier flight.

Dinner. Check I am ordering in.
Drinks. Check.
My girls. Just waiting.
Bail bonds man on speed dial. Check.
Triple check.

Here we go.

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© 2016 Rebecka Hanrahan


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