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Girls that deserve the bishoujo treatment

Updated on July 10, 2015
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And, this is?

A while back I bought a X-23 bishoujo statue by Kotobukiya, It is fantastic looking it made me look at her in a whole new lighting, but it also made me wonder, are there others? Yes there are like Jean Grey, Poison Ivy, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde and more. However I feel that there are other girls that deserve this but have yet to make it or never will, I have listed below five comic beauty's that I think should be done like this and what are my reason's for choosing them.


Elisa Cameron or Ghost, has not been a major player in comics but there is no doubting her abilities and powers. Ghost is a very strong female character and a very attractive one too. I think that she would make a great addition to the bishoujo line and on top of that, Ghost would be adding another character that is not part of any kind of mainstream series and is in fact a standalone series. There is not much merchandise with Ghost however it would be great to see a statue of this quality added to the lineup of both bishoujo and Ghost.

Don't you think she would just look cute.
Don't you think she would just look cute.
She must be gaining popularity to have appeared in both Avengers Alliance and Marvel Heroes.
She must be gaining popularity to have appeared in both Avengers Alliance and Marvel Heroes.

Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics)

Squirrel Girl has never been that popular ever since her debut in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2, #8 (Jan. 1992). Of course then Steve Ditko and Will Murray wanted her to break away from the series drama that is the X-men focus into a more easy going and fun stories. Well with a name like Squirrel Girl how could you not want to root for her, and her fun loving personality makes her all the better hero. I admit though, she has not appeared in that many comics and she only in one video game and she has had only small and miner pop ins in cartoons such as a single episode of the Fantastic Four. That being said she has surfaced Super Hero Squad Online, Marvel Heroes, Avengers Alliance and she is set to appear in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I think a bishoujo statue would only do the already cute Squirrel Girl justice.

Crystal (Marvel Comics)

As one of the Inhumans, Crystal as been a big part of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men since her first appearance in Fantastic Four vol 1 #45 in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She has been in a relationship with the Human Torch and married Quicksliver for a period of time before separating. Crystal has the power to move rock wind and water with her thoughts making her a very powerful opponent to deal with but she is also very kind hear ted and very attractive. Having been part of the Marvel world for so long and having been a somewhat popular charcter is surprises me that they have not done anything with her yet, that being said there are lots of characters to pick from. I think Crystal would be a great addition to the Bishoujo line up and she would be the first Inhuman to be part of it.

Hawkgirl (DC Comics)

Hawkgirl as been a part of DC comics since Flash #1 in a side story as a supporting character way back in 1940 by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. since her first appearance, Hawkgirl as appeared in meny different cartoons games and even had a few comics of her own she has moved from a supporting character to a main character with her own fan base. Also she stands as on of the stronger DC girls for her courage to fight much stronger and bigger opponents without giving it a second thought or letting the worst of things get to her. Hawkgirl is not only a fierce fighter but also a gentle lover and Hawkman is lucky to have her but also we would be lucky to see this winged maiden appear as a Bishoujo statue and given her background and popularity I am sure it will come sooner or later.

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Last Words

All in all I would, love to see all these has Bishoujo statues, and it would be nice to see more different characters instead of making more from the same character, (2 soon to be 3 different Psylocke's and 2 Jean's and 2 Supergirl's). I would want Raven most of all, however there is just no way of telling these big companies just what you want nor is there anyway of telling if this would be a wise investment on there part. But we can still dream and hope, or if you have the skill, time, and money make one. If there is any of you feel that there is girl deserves the Bishoujo treatment leave me a note and we can talk about it further.

Well at least of of the girls on the list came true. Jubilee used to be on this list up tell I discovered that they made one of her recently but that still leaves plenty more that have yet to be given the Bishoujo treatment. Naturally I will keep things updated as things change.

Just like Jubilee above, Raven used to be on this list, now she is available. Perhaps the rest on this list will come to use as well.


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