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Girly (You've Got Some Work To Do)

Updated on August 19, 2015

Everything that you imagine
It's time to face your fears
Face up a new challenge
Wipe away those tears

Feel stronger than before
As you brush of your hair
You are ready to settle the score
In this game that you fair

It's a brand new chance
A new move to advance


Hey there,
The world is open for you
Give a dare
You've got some work to do
It's still not over yet
Ready to fight and win

You made up your choice
The spears from the eyes
Spreading your power voice
And now, you shall rise

Willing to do it on your own
Making up your mind
The battle and being alone
Something you must find

Bringing this hardship down
One beauty creating your crown

All shall happen today
Get out of her way


(Guitar Solo)

And the sun shall shine on you
Face up the challenge of the blue



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