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Testimonials: If I Can Do It, You Can, Too!

Updated on July 17, 2011

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people on a testimonials show? Stay with me here. Something really life changing has happened to you recently, and you’re still pumped! You want everyone to know about it! You won the lottery using a system you made yourself. Or you invented something really cool and made a million dollars from it. Or you lost a hundred pounds and this is your story of how you did it. And you feel such a sense of accomplishment that you truly believe those magic words: “If I can do it, anyone can!”

We watch those infomercials and we want to believe that it is within our reach. We all want to believe that with one stroke of good fortune, we could actually win the lottery. We dream about how our lives would be changed if we could invent that next million dollar idea. We try to convince ourselves that as easy as it was to put on that last 20 pounds, it should be just as easy to take it off.

Trouble is: I’m not quite sure that it’s true. I’m not convinced that just because Bob or Mary lost a hundred pounds, that I could use their system and accomplish the same results. Not that I wouldn’t be totally transformed. By the same token, if I just put some effort and belief into it, I could transform my face with those beauty products on QVC, or sculpt my body with one of those newfangled machines, or make some serious money from selling real estate. I have just enough doubt in my abilities of creation to keep me from making solid plans on how to invest those millions of dollars I’m going to be raking in with that cool idea for a new gadget.

Dreaming of all those ways our lives could be changed is sometimes the only thing that keeps us from sinking into depression. Really, if you could go back in time and know that your life would be the way it is at this moment, would you be discouraged and start to question the futility of it all? Or would you work harder to make sure that your today is exactly the way you wanted it? Life is such a series of random events that we need some way to keep hope alive. Hope that our future will be better than the present. Hope that we can still achieve amazing things. Hope that we will someday have our 15 minutes of fame. Hope that others will recognize that spark of creativity in our souls. We are tired of living lives of quiet desperation, darn it! Sometimes we’re as mad as heck and we don’t want to “take it” any more!

Infomercials aren’t selling just products or information. They’re selling hope. And sometimes, just maybe—we need the hope more than we need the product. And it’s well worth the two installments of $39.95.


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