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Give Me A Choice

Updated on June 22, 2013

Rip my heart out, throw it down,

Kick the pieces on the ground,

Toss my body in a ditch-

I'd feel much less pain than this.

Break apart all that I own,

Torch my car, destroy my home.

Take razor blades to both my wrists-

I'd feel much less pain than this.

Bullets, nails and arrows, too,

Put holes in every part that moves.

Torture me until I die-

I can handle homicide.

But the hollowness and endless fear,

The ocean I could fill with tears,

The lack of laughter and disarray-

I'd choose dying any day.

This poem was written during a particularly difficult time in my life. We all have them, those moments when we'd much rather give up than keep venturing into the unknown; then again, the path that we're on is all about balance. If we didn't have difficulties, we wouldn't be able to truly appreciate the good that surrounds us. Obviously I'm still here, and the emotional turmoil I was in as I penned this poem has since diminished. To those still suffering: it will get better.


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