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Give to me

Updated on February 19, 2013

Give to me a porch...

give an open door

give to me the nature

to always reach for more

it's crazy how we left it

and now we cannot find

the simple and the freedom

the times of being fine

Give to me fields to run in

wild flowers picked

a tree that I could climb in

a life that I have fixed

give to me the sunshine

give to me the rain

give to me the lightning

let me learn from pain

I want a simpler life

that I can call my own

a simple treasure handed

and not to be alone

so give to me the freedom

in my mind bestowed

to know that I have more

than many others hold

give to me the gratitude

let my mind unfold

the wanting and the needing

and peace in what I've known

the family and the love

the greatness in each day

give to me again

what helped me find my way.


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