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Updated on August 3, 2017

Glow for the darkness looms
gracious movement
happiness your smile grooms
better than the best, excellent

The world is but a room
into it, you bring merriment
endearing lady of supple blooms
of high climax but low dissent

shine bight like the winter sun
to the altar, i will be the lamb
comes to thee, the prodigal son
emotions overflowing, which dam?

black as coal, carbon burn
pure as diamond, carbon spawn
locked on the path to your heart, no U-turn
always on my heart, dusk to dawn

you came into my world, I'm ecstatic

just hang unto my words , no static

soil mixed with moisture, smell of home
criteria for peace, thee be the epitome
i just want to get back to my hearth
you and me and mother earth


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