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Glad i found you

Updated on February 15, 2010

12th Feb 2004


It was the 12th of February 2004,after a day hard work and loneliness took control of my night,i resorted to the internet to cure my boredom though i will rather honestly say that i am addicted to the internet,networking is my hubby and i have met quite a good number of friends online among whom is Dazzy.Glad she was online so we began to chat and after five hours which was the best and longest day we spent online,we decided to meet.She told me that she was lonely and needed someone to spend the valentine with.She knew that i was old enough to be her father but what difference does it make since we both share so much in common at least we could just hang out and have fun.

14th Feb 2004

I could not believe that this damsel that have been chatting with me whom i have seen so many times via the web cam was truly a model, that was the day i decided to make our friendship a unique one,we had fun together that evening and i was able to learn more about her.She needed company and i was willing to be there for her because i needed company too.For me age means nothing,it is all about what you feel in your heart and not the gray hair or winkles, she has the same notion so that was how is all started and we agreed that i should see her mother first because for her to date me, she will need her mother's approval.I was in love with her and have always been so i agreed on meeting the mother.

We scheduled to meet on the 21st of Feb 


21st. Feb 2004

I could not believe who was standing right in front of me.She did not change after all this years,i mean Mary. Mary was the maid of my late Aunt Pat and i immediately remembered all that we did together as i watched her dumb folded,i remembered the picture i took her while we were painting that day,a day before pat died,she was sitting on a white stool, the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.I remembered the picture of us while painting and the promise that day.It was October 17th 1977.I was 24 and she was 22

17th October 77

"What happened Mary?"

"What a small world? Aunty Pat's death separated us and i tried all my best to locate you but all to no avail,when i got to the village after the funeral,i realized that i was pregnant but my mother didn't want us to disturb your family with my pregnancy because of the trauma of the death so i kept it and had the baby,she has always asked of you and i always told her that you will be safe some where and might find us someday so Dazzy is the fruit of our love."

Flash back

With tears and sensation of cold all over me,my memory flashed back to that particular day,i remembered how it all happened though i have had crush on her for quite some time but that painting gave me the chance to express my feelings,i remembered holding her and kissing her, i remembered everything as it happened and the promise to be there forever.

Is it not obvious that what will be will be?

It has been so many years but i never got married until i met Dazzy and decided to make her my wife so that she will inherit my fortune,i was touched when she told me that she had no father and how much she would want me to be a father to her but knowing fully well that i would never love her in that fashion, she agreed to be my wife and that was why i came to seek her mother's approval.

While we all stood amazed at the whole situation,i began to understand the real meaning of the song playing in the background (Always on my mind). Mary has always been on my mind and she never got married because she believed that no man will take my place.

I promised her that i will marry her then and she promised to be my only true love.

That was how i found my family and for my daughter Dazzy


For all the things you made me see
For every moment you made me shine
For all the smiles you brought into my life
For showing me the direction to happiness
For everything you and i have done

For the hope you revived in me
I am grateful for knowing that you exist
For all the times i was not around
Thank you Dazzy for you are my true queen
And i am grateful to our God for his kindness.

Glad i found you.

12th Feb 2010

Imagine the rest of the story.
Imagine the rest of the story.

Always on my mind


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 8 years ago from Biafra

      Actually, the story is not about me but i had to use myself as the antagonist so that whoever that read will get it as it flow.But anyway thanks for stopping by,i love all your hubs.They are grate.

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 8 years ago from uk

      What a lovely hub....! 'Always on my Mind' is one of my favorite songs that just enhanced your story. Wishing you and your family happiness...always. :)