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The Glamour of Spring | Short Story | Victorian Romance | by Susan Hartley Swett

Updated on October 4, 2013

The Glamour of Spring ~ A Victorian Romance Short Story by Susan Hartley Swett

The Glamour of Spring is a delightful and humorous short Victorian romance story by Susan Hartley Swett, set in the late 1800s.

Orphans, Joe and his sister Nelly, live with their Aunt Jane in a provincial New England village. With another spring comes with it the reminder that Jane is not yet married. Her fortune teller friend predicts an eminent match and even names the gentleman. But who will the match be for, Aunt Jane or Nelly?

All photos and illustrations used on this lens are from the private image files of Nancy Oram.

I really believe Marthy is a witch. . .

"I really believe that Marthy is a witch," said my aunt, regarding a silken table cover profusely befringed and decorated with embroidery, which had just been sent her from a distant State, with something like awe depicted on her countenance. "She said in the last fortune she told for me, that I was going to receive a present that would surprise me, and from an unexpected quarter. And who ha' thought that Cousin Sabriny Wood's daughter, that I never saw and scarce ever heard of, would set up and send me a present? Another time, when she cut the cards, she told me that I was going to be real fortunate in some money matters, and so I was, for the very next week his brother died and left me this place. I wish I knew whether something she told me the last time would come true."

So starts out The Glamour of Spring. Read the whole story here.

"She landed in the very midst of the stickiest mud puddle"


"The gentleman of the soft hat ran to her assistance, and after a good deal of tugging and pulling, , , succeeded in extricating her from her unhappy predicament, and was obliged to carry her in his arms for several yards to the comparatively dry turf by the side of the road."

Read the whole story here.


"Cinderella's Rubber," He exclaimed with a smile.

Nelly looked ruefully down at her water-soaked and muddy feet. She had not missed the rubber, for having been quite above her boots in mud, one foot was as wet and uncomfortable as the other.

Nelly thanked him rather shyly and turned away. Aunt Jane's extraordinary behavior and his evident amusement and air of social superiority inspired her with a wish to avoid him.

Read the whole story here.

The Blue Jay, By Susan Hartley Swett
The Blue Jay, By Susan Hartley Swett

Susan Hartley Swett

Susan Hartley Swett (1860-1907) was a poetess and author of Victorian fiction. One of her poems is entitled The Blue Jay.

All Photo Credits: Personal files of Nancy Oram

What is your favorite era of fiction?

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