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Glass of Water

Updated on November 9, 2016

Glass of water, position your terrain enormously! Moonlight and crimson night encourages her to jazz within the obscurities of his artistic still-life. Rumble back and forth, silk curtains harvest their dwindling performance of high authority so very well! There she sits, evening and day. Trace with your bone, the highlight of adulterants knee! Within the crease, she has risen. Time and panel, the artist unbolts leg to leg. Limb to limb, she breaks the mold of the olden fashions at large. There is a war upon sexuality at bay and there she sits; glass of water, without crusade or sound, enduring to subsist untouched! Petals of the rose, glide upon her surface, for she has drowned within baby’s valor outside galaxies afar! Glass of water, rinse daddy’s masculinity from her before baby forgets the sculpture of a most errant desire!


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