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Glenn Beck,The Mexica Movement, and the Allure of Unpopularity

Updated on July 11, 2016
Image of Mexica Flag
Image of Mexica Flag | Source

The Mexica Movement has literally created an online university which explores the history of the First Nations prior to the European Invasion, as well as the Indigenous struggle since 1492. Current issues and events that are of concern to native people are also explored. Many hours of video have been uploaded on the Mexica Movement YouTube channel. These videos include important lectures on Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) history, as well as lectures, discussions, and interviews concerning current events, rallies, etc.. This is a valuable resource for anyone, regardless of race, who is interested in learning the truth about Indigenous culture on this continent; the past, the present, and the future truth. Much of what the public has been taught in American schools about Indigenous history, which also amounts to very little, has been distortions, half truths, or outright lies. I have provided links at the end of this article to the Mexica Movement YouTube channel, as well as the official Mexica Movement website, and more.

Thanks Glen!

Little men should be careful when using big words. Big words are like gasoline, and can easily start a raging fire! It is interesting to note, and quite ironic, that I had never heard of the Mexica Movement until several years ago, when by chance, I stumbled upon the Glenn Beck video that is the focus of this essay. I guess I should say, "Thanks Glen!"



When referring to the Jewish Holocaust we do not have to necessarily associate it with the German people, as we can conveniently blame the Nazi party, although a great majority of it's members were also German. But a German person unsympathetic to the Nazi cause is not so offended when we speak of the Nazis in a disparaging manner. And so, the term "Nazi" allows us to freely commiserate about the Jewish Holocaust without upsetting the "good Germans". However, when dealing with the holocaust which occurred upon this continent, we do not have the luxury of an alternative name, or label to use. Unless we are referring to a specific colonial power, such as Mexico, Canada,or the United States, we can only use the terms American, or European, and in this context they are usually one and the same. When we speak of the invasion of this continent, we can only say the "European Invasion", as that is simply what it was.

This continent was not invaded by North Koreans, Filipino's, or the North Vietnamese; it was invaded by Europeans. However, since we don't have a word like "Nazi" to use; since there wasn't one single specific political group committing all of the atrocities, we have no choice but to use the appropriate terms when discussing American History: those terms usually being American, or European. Consequently, many Americans who identify with their European heritage, or who embrace a nationalist, patriotic ideology, are easily offended when they hear these terms being used in an unflattering context. But the only alternative is to not speak of such things, and to pretend that the evil that has been perpetrated, and perpetuated on this continent for over 500 years, is only a recurring nightmare that intrudes upon our sleep, and then follows us into a daydream that looks just like the night before. I am aware that the path of indifference leads to a road that many have chosen to follow, but it is only the way of a coward and a fool. And I cannot walk in that direction. It is not my wish to offend anyone, but let it be known that I am offended everyday.

Every time I look at a dollar bill I am offended. I am offended because I see the image of a tyrant: a kidnapper, and a slave owner. This coming October, on the second Monday of the month , I will be offended as I am each year; as I observe an entire nation celebrate the life of a rapist and a murderer, a man who discovered nothing but a pot of gold for himself to steal. And finally, on each Thanksgiving Day I am offended; I am sickened by the fact that the people of the United States continue to celebrate the enslavement, and the genocide of an entire race of people. If you are offended by the truth, I suggest that you either stop reading now, or simply get over it. But if you are not a racist; if you are not a tyrant; if you are not an apologist for evil, then nothing posted here is directed at you. And so, you have no good reason to be offended by the truth.


Glenn Beck's assessment of the Mexica Movement in the 2008 video that I have included here is a prime example of conservative racist propaganda. Here I will analyze important comments he makes in the video.

First of all, after his introduction , we see the following text displayed on the screen:

What Glenn Beck displayed is an example of the Mexica philosophy. This was obviously included to shock the patriotic, and nationalist sensibilities of the average hard working, god fearing, conservative American. But let's look closer at these "dangerous" ideas.

The opening phrase contains two words that Americans are not used to seeing associated with their history: "Illegal" and "Squatter".

A Grim Comparison
A Grim Comparison | Source


The word "Illegal" is defined as follows: forbidden by law or statute. Many racists will argue that there were no immigration laws that existed before the arrival of Columbus in 1492, consequently, they contend that the European invasion of this continent, or as they prefer to say " European settlement", cannot properly be considered illegal. But I will now expose this racist fallacy:

First of all, contrary to popular myth, a majority of the nations, or tribes that existed on this continent prior to the arrival of Columbus were quite civilized. They had customs, art, science, religion, agriculture, and laws that governed their society. To cite the absence of a specific immigration law as being proof of the legal right to invade, and to steal an entire continent is absurd. If we follow such logic, then we would have to agree that prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it was legal and proper to discriminate against blacks and other minorities, since the absence of illegality implies legality. If we subscribe to such a queer notion, then we must also believe that prior to written laws against marital rape,(Nebraska was the first state to criminalize marital rape in 1976) such an act was not "illegal", or necessarily immoral. But these are only the thoughts and justifications of small minded little men; men who possess more than one endowment of a lesser magnitude.

November 1, 2014 : Olin Tezcatlipoca ( 2nd from the  right) Giving a Lecture on White Supremacy at  Bishop's Gate Institute in London, England. (Follow the link to watch video)
November 1, 2014 : Olin Tezcatlipoca ( 2nd from the right) Giving a Lecture on White Supremacy at Bishop's Gate Institute in London, England. (Follow the link to watch video) | Source


Many Americans take pride in asserting that the United States is a "Christian Nation", and so let us explore for a moment the Christian Bible, and the teachings of Jesus. Long before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or the criminalization of marital rape in 1976, there existed the "Ten Commandments". In my studies of the Bible, I cannot recall any commandment that says, "Thou shalt not discriminate against black people, or one stating," Thou shalt not rape your wife".

But the 8th commandment certainly applies to rape and racism, as it states: "Thou shall not steal". Here we must ask ourselves the following questions: What is more important than one's dignity and self esteem? What is more personal to a woman than her own body? We must understand that when a woman is assaulted in such a personal, and violent manner, it is an act of theft; something sacred is stolen from her, and it is stealing of the highest order; a despicable act that can leave a mental wound that may never heal. We must also ask: What is more important than a man's freedom, and his ability to work and to prosper, unencumbered by restrictions based on race? When a man's freedom has been taken away; when he has been dispossessed and marginalized, his future has literally been stolen. Only because of the shape of his face, or the color of his skin, he has been denied the full bounty that life has to offer. For the African, and the Indigenous living in America, this theft has occurred unabated, from one generation to the next, for over 500 years!

Now, here is the point that I am making: I am not playing with semantics. I am being quite literal, and very serious. Christians consider that "God's law" supersede's the law of man. For instance, it may be "legal" in our society for us to drink whiskey everyday, and to get sloppy falling down drunk in the comfort, and the privacy of our own home. However, according to Christian teaching, such behavior is unacceptable, and essentially "unlawful". Consequently, a Christian can understand that on this continent, there "was" an immigration law prior to 1492; there "was" a law against slavery and racial discrimination prior to 1492, and there "was" a law against marital rape, long before Columbus reached these golden shores. And those laws were to be found in the Old Testament, and among the teachings of Jesus. In fact the admonition made by Jesus, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", is a Christian philosophy, or law, that covers a lot of moral ground. And from a Christian perspective, if the gospel of Jesus cannot be considered a "law", then no such thing has ever existed!



Now let us look at the term "squatter". A squatter is defined as: "An individual who settles on the land of another person without any legal authority to do so, or without acquiring a legal title." Much of what I have already explained applies here as well. But to further clarify: The tribes and nations that thrived on this continent prior to the European Invasion had rules and laws that governed their society. We cannot imagine that even the most primitive society would find it acceptable to be subjugated by another tribe, or race of people; to have all of their land and resources stolen, and to have their sons and daughters made into concubines, and slaves.

Whether their laws were written on paper, stone, in the sand, or only in their hearts, we can clearly understand that the laws of the First Nations were broken as a result of the European Invasion. From the Christian standpoint, we can also see that the law of God; the law that many claim is the bedrock of Euro-American society, was also broken.

To summarize: Was the European Invasion an act of illegal aggression? Is it appropriate to consider the colonialist nations on this continent to be squatter nations?The answer to both of these questions is "yes".The terms "illegal" and "squatter", as used in the Mexica philosophy, are absolutely 100% correct.

As I have explained, this can be understood from three different perspectives, and with no spin whatsoever.

1. The European Invasion violated the laws, and the sovereignty of the First Nations.

2. The European Invasion violated the 8th Commandment

3. The European Invasion ignored the teachings of Jesus

Although Glenn Beck would have us believe that the Mexica philosophy is purposely derogatory, and demeaning to white European Americans, I have shown that the Mexica philosophy is simply a statement of fact.


The next line in the Mexica statement reads: "WE ALSO REJECT COLONIALISM'S RIGHT TO KEEP STEALING THE WEALTH OF OUR LANDS." I find it fascinating that Glenn Beck would further expose his ignorance by presenting a legitimate grievance, and then expecting it to be construed as hate speech. I must ask: Who among you would not speak out if someone were stealing your property; especially if they were doing it on a regular basis; especially if it had been going on for over 500 years? But when it comes to Indigenous rights, broken treaties, and the land and resources that have been stolen from our people, the law has commonly turned a blind eye. The general consensus is, "That happened a long time ago; get over it!"

But what kind of perverted, racist thinking, can suggest that in a country where a man can be sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread,and a half gallon of low fat chocolate milk, that the Indigenous should quietly, and graciously accept the theft of an entire continent? And so, once again, we see that this portion of the Mexica statement is not so unreasonable. It is a sentiment that any American might express, should they become the victim of a theft, or an egregious, ongoing crime.



Finally, let us look at the last portion of the Mexica philosophy presented in the video: "AND WE REJECT THE ARTIFICIAL DIVISIONS OF OUR PEOPLE."
The reader must understand that the program of genocide on this continent has operated through several phases. The first phase of genocide was outright physical extermination. The current phase, which began in earnest toward the end of the 19th century, is concerned with extermination through assimilation. (The "Melting Pot") The goal here is to completely erase the cultural identity of the native peoples. This is being done in a variety of ways. One very clever way is by dividing, and seperating the Indigenous people from their history and culture with the use of artificial labels. False labels such as: Native American, Indian, Latino,and Hispanic, are labels that are commonly being used to erase cultural identity.

A primary goal of the Mexica Movement is to reclaim cultural identity, and to promote solidarity among all of the Indigenous nations, and among all indigenous people, including those of mixed blood. Abraham Lincoln sought to bring a nation together, and this is evident when we consider his famous speech, "The Gettysburg Address". The Mexica Movement is seeking unity among Indigenous people. I fail to see how their goal is any less admirable, or any more sinister than Abraham Lincoln's goal of keeping the Union together. Lincoln knew that there was power in unity. But when the Indigenous begin to speak of unity, the racist conservatives start to get upset. This is because many would prefer that the native people remain powerless, docile, and compliant. Yes, everybody loves the "Wooden Indian" and his aromatic box of fine cigars.

This image may seem hateful to some, but the reality of genocide, slavery, and over 500 years of oppression is far more hateful, and much harder to deal with than a digital image which portrays the true holiday spirit.
This image may seem hateful to some, but the reality of genocide, slavery, and over 500 years of oppression is far more hateful, and much harder to deal with than a digital image which portrays the true holiday spirit. | Source


But Glenn Beck puts his foot in his mouth when he declares:

"Just to sum up for those of you who don't speak Mexica (he even mispronounces the name, it is properly pronounced " Muh-she-ka" not "Mex-i-ka") this is a group that thinks America is their property, and anyone who doesn't fit their description should leave the country."

This is a remarkable statement, and it is a text book example of American hypocrisy. This same accusation could be leveled at the Americans themselves. After all, the Cherokee, the Seminole, the Creek, the Choctaw, and Chickasaw nations, historically referred to as "The Five Civilized Tribes", did not fit Andrew Jackson's, or the American people's "description", and so they were forced to "leave the country", so to speak. As a result of the "Indian Removal Act of 1830", a campaign of ethnic cleansing carried out between the years 1830-1839, The Five Civilized Tribes were forced to leave their homelands and move to reservations west of the Mississippi. This opened up over 20 million acres of land for white settlement; over 20 million acres of stolen land was handed over to white European Americans; the people who did fit the proper description! Thousands died as a result of this forced removal. But this is only one of numerous examples of ethnic cleansing that have been carried out by the colonialists over the span of five centuries. What Glenn Beck accuses the Mexica Movement of "wanting" to do, the United States, and the other colonialist governments have already done! The historical record shows that ethnic cleansing has been a common practice among the colonialist powers since 1492. This is a classic case of the big pot calling the little kettle black.

But Mr.Beck pulls out all of the stops when he says, " ... this is a hateful, racist group, and it should be denounced immediately ..." But when the progeny of the greatest holocaust in the history of the world educate themselves, take pride in themselves, remove and throw down the yoke of colonialism while demanding justice; when the descendants of a great and noble people charge an evil authority with crimes against humanity, it is a great irony , as well as an outrage, that they themselves are now labeled the "hateful racists!" I guess when you are a racist grabbing at straws, any ol' straw will do. But the facts are indisputable: Fact: The Mexica Movement have not caused the deaths of over 100 million Europeans. Fact: The Mexica Movement did not invade the continent of Europe: murdering, raping, stealing the land, stealing the mineral rights, and all of the natural resources. But the colonialist nations of this continent, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and all of the others, cannot make such a claim. We all know of the great evil that has been perpetrated upon this continent, and we all know who is responsible.

What Is The Mexica Movement

THE MEXICA MOVEMENT: what Glenn Beck doesn't want you to know

The Mexica Movement is a non-profit educational organization that celebrates Indigenous history, and culture. It is an organization that seeks to cultivate and to restore through education, a sense of pride, and a better understanding of our Indigenous heritage. The Mexica Movement has sought to debunk the myths, and to expose the truth about American history; an incomplete, and biased history that has been generously seeded throughout the collective consciousness of the American mainstream, and carefully cultivated by a revisionist, Eurocentric, educational system. The Mexica Movement has tirelessly, and consistently over the last 20 years, sought to reverse the negative, and debilitating effects of an ongoing program of genocide. It is not surprising that Glenn Beck has sought to vilify the Mexica Movement. It is no wonder that evil men would attempt to demonize a movement that only seeks to restore the dignity, the pride, and the birthright of a great people: the Indigenous people of this continent ... The Nican Tlaca

Olin Tezcatlipoca, the founder of the Mexica Movement, has himself admitted in the past that his movement is an unpopular movement. I must agree. But there have been many unpopular movements in the past, as well as many unpopular people who have sacrificed, and struggled to promote these movements. The Black Civil Rights movement was unpopular for over 500 years, but then it finally gained momentum and popularity in the late 50's, and throughout the 60's. I have always admired unpopular people, and the list is very long. Here are just a few:

Jesus, Galileo, Van Gogh, Anacacona, Tecumseh, John Brown, Tatanka Iyotanka (Sitting Bull) , Harriet Tubman, Goyathlay (Geronimo), Emma Goldman, Russell Means, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Medger Evers etc.. Of course, many of these people have become very popular over the years since their passing, but during their lifetimes, most of them were treated with great disrespect. And so, I am not surprised that evil men have not rolled out the red carpet for the Mexica Movement. Yes, presently, the Mexica Movement is not a popular movement, but I have always been attracted to unpopular movements, and unpopular people. Perhaps this is why I have never wanted to be popular. So far, I am doing pretty good. Osiyo!

© 2015 Ronnie wrenchBiscuit


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    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 2 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Great, informative hub, I have learned so much from reading this.

    • profile image

      mixcoatl teotlalli 2 years ago

      Thanxx ive been on the path for awhile now n teaching my son the truth. I named him itzcoatl teotlalli and let me tell we have had to school each n every one of his trachers n people who ask about his name.thats my way of keeping our true roots alive ..thanxx for all this wonderful info..make me proud to know good educated people like you exist..its time for everyone to wake up..thanxxx again..

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

      Thanks prettynutjob30! I can't get your name out of my head. It is quite modern, and it does have a nice ring to it. I still can't say it ten times in a row with clarity, or confidence. I'm looking forward to reading your Hubs.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

      You are welcome, mixcoatl teotlalli , your son is lucky to have a father who is not sleeping with his eyes open. It appears that your names are of the Nahuatl language. I have not heard it spoken enough to understand the pronunciation of many of the names. But I do find them to be refreshingly different, and I like the way they look in print. Thank you for your support. Osiyo!

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