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Go-Homing Time-Book review

Updated on October 8, 2013

Go-Homing Time

By Jean


Reviewer: Juliet Christie Murray(Soy Criada) (DIP. BA.Author)

The bell rings and children joyfully exclaim "A go homing time." But Jean the author ask the question to whom, what, where are they go homing to, a question asked by many who are having concern about the state of the Jamaican society ,the state of the youth we hope to take over the charge of the country.

She is concerned as she meets some of these young individuals ,daily talking and wrapping with them and is constantly shocked by what they do, how think, the things they values and their attitudes toward life.

She has come to the conclusion that a gradual deterioration of the standards and values of the parents, coupled with the lowering of the age of parents through the slow steady rise in teenage pregnancy has been the precursor of the downhill of the Jamaican society.

She thinks the home is the place where the problems lies ,her numerous case studies cites cases after case attesting to the fact leading the reader no choice but to agree. Parents are shunting their responsibilities to train their children.

There is a moral decay in the society, children no longer have respect for themselves, the society nor to a supreme being. The language, mode of dress and social practices all attest to that. Is the education system blameless? Jean believes that one of the contributing factor to the worsening society is the confusion brought on by the changing in the religious education curriculum from teaching Bible knowledge where values and attitudes where the norm to a curriculum where religious education now teach students the various religions in the world and leaving students to chose.

Jean does not cite all problems she identifies children with supporting parents, students who have done well and are still doing well. Jamaica is not the only country with the problem. She has praises for the Jamaica teachers who try to make a difference and cites case of students who have come to Jamaican schools who have eventually done well and have gone back to their country to make a difference.

New Jamaican Authors

Here is book that portrays some real questions to parents, In it is found treasures good quality guidance on values and attitudes information geared at educating parents.

The book is a seven years investigation , she had hoped she could have recorded a positive change over this time but it was not to be if seem as if things have taken a turn to the south. as values and attitudes slide in the Jamaican society

This book an Abeng call for parents and all stake holders of a country that has lost so much of it values, Jamaica needs to get back the culture of it takes a village to rear a child. A time where no none turned blind eyes your child was my child and mine yours.

She ends on a high note "Remember Children are People too, "with thoughts feeling and needs. The alpha the Omega of a great book but the beginning of the lives of the children.

Go-homing time is a good companion book for parents, educators, teachers and guidance counselors. Thumbs up again Jamaica for producing another great young author.

Author: (Soy Criada)Juliet Christie Murray

Jamaican school though they have their challenges are still one of the best schools in the world..The teachers are able with the meager resources to do wonders. These students that are seen as poor performers in these schools excel in other schools in other countries. These students are able to use their brain power because of the way there were cultured to use the power of their mind and brain This could be one of the reasons why even in criminal activities they are usually a step a head. .

Jamaican children do not have the luxury of using calculators and computers and sophisticated lab.Their brains are their computers.they have to improvise when they do experiments and laboratory work..

No wonder after using up so much brain power they are on the look out for the hour when the bell chimes signaling that it is Going Homing Time

From what you know about Jamaica would you send your child to a Jamaican school if you live abroad

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