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God, Angel and The Soul

Updated on February 25, 2016

A Shot Review

When I slept in night I thought about the violent person and imagined about them. what will happen when the violent one's soul enter the heaven where it has a hater? And what will be the answer from God for the violent and the hater


Poor, poor soul that has no dignity with it
Dare to enter the gates of heaven
Bad, bad would happen to peaceful paradise
Who let you in; into the most sacred place?
Filthy soul that had no manners and mercy
Took a birth in the womb of impurity
Stained and bathed with the pain of others
Never thought to travel in a path of peace
Always walked with violence in surrounding hearts
Creator of secondary hell in secondary heaven
Turned the pleasant gift into worst curse
And damned other souls to wander in pain
Laughed recklessly at throwing them to hell
And dare to enter the gates of heaven

Mime video that exhibits god vs man



The Soul

Worthless loyal serving beast like you, knows nothing
Did many bad doings, also worst with my best
Never cared about my doings to anyone
Once I too begged my feathers of my kind for leniency
Simply to survive with pain not to form a monarch
Kicked my back without showing clemency
Just gave their own format of treat along with my wrath
Couldn't able to show mercy, due to the beast
That always lives in the belly named hunger
Which ate the nice ally in heart; Kindness
May be I walked through the dark path of evil
I do care something I like most for my life
Still don’t care about torment or paradise
I do prefer to walk in hell, rather to live in ecstasy

The soul


The God

Calm down my child; don't show anger on this essence
Not every art can be determined as tremendous
Some do have fatal mistakes, also turns into history
This core is an art with my fatal mistakes
I too play a part in the dirty act of this patience soul
My fault, created him within a chaotic society
And I am the one responsible to blame, not this cute core
And to you my child, my dear daughter never left me
Don't even know how my creations live altogether
Where the life begins, there ends the life; it’s the truth
My art of unique is humanity, falls both in good and bad
Small good makes every difference, in every life
Dare not to wander into the abdomen of fuming hell
Instead snooze in the lap of charming flower bed

The God


Opinion please!

Who do you think that makes most mistakes

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