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God, His Creation and I (a Collection of Poems)

Updated on September 3, 2015


Away brought me closer

Blessings of spiritual shower

Away in the blue, deep and wide

Away with His beauty, brings joy inside

Creatures unknown

New experience of peace I own

Wonder in meditation was to me shown

Away for a little more

Walk in the embrace of the shore

Away is closer, much purer and calm

Just a little more to burst into a psalm

The people, the beauty,

The creation of God

Away is closer

Away is not far

Away is a part of my heart


Soli Deo Gloria



To reach it, it first must be destroyed

To enjoy its freedom, cruelty must be employed

Only when it is destroyed

Only then it is enjoyed

But there’s a way to love it better today

Be one with it

But it first must be a choice

Know its creator and you’ll hear its voice

Saying, “show me respect in exchange of a memory you’ll never forget.”


Soli Deo Gloria


Hear us

It’s impossible not to see how my God created me

It’s impossible not to see my beauty with marks of eternity

It’s impossible not to see the handprint of majestic sovereignty

It’s impossible not to see the scars inflicted by humanity

It’s impossible not to see the debris of blasphemy

For its impossible not to see that my God created me

I am to forever proclaim His glory!

(Psalm 19:1)


Soli Deo Gloria


Day by day

“Nothing was created!” day by day we foolishly say!

We cheat ourselves when we refuse to trust and obey

In our own delusion and pride

Because of our greed, we can never be satisfied!

Our hungry soul will not cease to call

If we continue to dance in our fall!

The creation suffer in our hands

Yet it manifests the mercy of its maker

Day by day it bids us

Repent now, you cheaters!

God bless the day when sinners repent and be justified

God be forever glorified!


Soli Deo Gloria


I have arrived

Take me away where the ocean touches the sky

Where time gently goes by

Where silence is a song

Where warmth strongly holds on

Where you can never be alone

How beautiful!

How wonderful!

How amazing it is!

To live in a created world!

To know there’s a King!

Gifts of water, gifts of land

Gifts that touch our very hands!

Their voices sing endlessly

Listen to it closely

Every day it speaks

Its truth let us slowly seek


Soli Deo Gloria



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