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God is an electric lightbulb

Updated on May 17, 2014

I don’t think people really need God’s or Guru’s

Once something is out …

I don’t want to get it ‘out’ again.

If I talk about something

Push it ‘out’ there …

Then, it doesn’t seem as necessary to go and “do” something about whatever it was I was talking about, because it takes at least half the steam out of it …

I think somewhere along the line … a long, long, time ago (or now)

In the midst of the present moment

Someone, whomever invented the phrase: When the student is ready – the teacher will appear … just needed some coin … maybe they were hungry?

Was it Socrates?

Wasn’t he known to sleep outdoors and be bare foot? I can’t remember …

But, I’m sure he said it.

He was a guy.

All guys want to boss other guys around.

No one needs a teacher or a guru or a god or a guide.

It’s all make-believe.

I say: let life be your teacher.

I think that teachers, guru’s, gods and all those preachy types …

They can only pass-on what they themselves have learned.

How do they know?

Where did they learn it?

Anyone can learn anything (on their own) if they really, really want to know.

I think the concept of taking this class or that class to find out where you want to go in your life … what skill or craft will make you a living in this sick world …

Is all about giving other people … who, themselves, couldn’t even make it in that skill or craft … otherwise, wouldn’t they just be doing it? Why teach it when you can just go and do it?

Isn’t there some kind of saying about that? Those who can’t … teach?

I don’t remember.

So, when I read a book … wouldn’t my interpretation be good enough for me?

Why do I need to enlist someone else to come along and explain it to me?

Isn’t that just their own version of what it means to them? Through their filter of understanding?

What it means to me (at that time) is what it means to me.

Why seek out more?

Either you ‘get it’ or you don’t.

If you don’t … then, maybe that’s just not your forte.

Go read another book.

Wanting to be popular.

Wanting people to notice.

Look what I can do!

Look what I know!

Who really cares?

The people that also want to do that … know that … (whatever ‘that’ is)

Why don’t they just learn it?

Here, son … this is how you make fire.

  1. Get a stick.
  2. Get another stick
  3. Have something around that will melt quickly under a flame
  4. Rub said sticks together furiously
  5. When you see the heat put sticks into whatever lights up the quickest.

Wellah! Fire!

Now, go take a seat while I tell you all about what to do and what not to do in case of a fire.

Who really needs anyone?

The world is crazy.

Other people just complicate the shit out of an otherwise, perfect day.

Although, they’re great to have around in case there’s a lion about to attack and you’re over there picking daisies.

Perhaps they notice before you and shoot an arrow into said lions heart.

Well, there’s cause for a grand friendship.

But someone always wants to be in charge.

And it will most likely be the one who had the arrow.

Now you’re someone’s slave.

But this guy who’s slaving you around all day says: this is good.

This is for your own benefit. This will teach you to be humble.

Humble for what?

For the next guy who wants to boss me around?

No thanks … while he’s sleeping … run away as fast as possible.

Next time you’re out picking daisies … maybe you’ll keep a third-eye out for that lion … or tiger … or whatever’s about to pounce.

It’s not the actual fact that a life was saved that one would desire to give thanks so much as now … one is more aware that the one who saves you … actually, what were they doing there in the first place?

Were you watching me pick daisies, too?

Tell me what to do?

Tell me who to be?

Tell me, tell me! Tell me!!

And then when it doesn’t work-out … maybe you find yourself starving, or something … well, then it’s their fault … because, they didn’t tell you.

I don’t think people need other people.

Why do people want other people around?

All they do is cause trouble.

“now, listen to me” …

Next thing you know they’re humping the shit out of you.

It’s a sick world.

Who is this God?

God, this and God that …

Pray to god.

Pray for a miracle.

Pray for a healing.

Pray to be forgiven.

Pray not to be lead into temptation?

What exactly is that about?

Is there a mistranslation somewhere?

Why would God lead me into temptation?

Has anyone looked into that?

How about: just be yourself.

But, I don’t know who I am.

Someone tell me.

Who am I?

You’re an asshole.

Oh, yah, I forgot.

So, what do assholes do?

They sit around and snicker at other assholes.

“snicker, snicker’ …

I can’t do anything until I find my guru.

I’m waiting for my teacher to appear as I’m a student.

I’m a student in the game of life.

But I haven’t got a guru.

How will I ever know what to do, what to say … how to be … how to think?

Forgive them, Father … for they know not what they do.

Who? (whom?) … all of us?

Or, just the peasants?

The people near the cross?

The people 2000 years later?

The romans? The jews? The gentiles?

Who? Who’s them?

I hope I’m forgiven.

Just sayin.

I don’t know what I did … but, if that’s the deal … I certainly hope I’m forgiven.

I’m a sick pup.

It was passed-on-down from the gene pool of other sick pups.

My family tree is laden with suck puppies.

Sick, sick, sick!!

All whacko’s right from the beginning …

No physicists … doctors, chemists … biologists … not even a dentist.

I don’t think anyone in my family for at least 5 generations have done much of anything, but drink they’re brains out and do stupid shit to other family members and whomever was dumb enough to hang around them!

Some families can trace their family tree all the way back to before the Roman Empire!

How is that possible?

All I know is one family member from my father’s side of the family got on a boat one day to sail to America from Ireland. He was probably a criminal they were trying to get rid of … who knows?

I’m going to be 50 in three years … a half of century of living.

I honestly do not know anything … yet!

What is there to really know?

I want to know if I’m really on a planet?

I mean, what’s that all about?

I’m on a sphere that wobbles and rotates that looks like an egg in the middle of a universe, galaxy full of space … supposedly moving through it.

Yah, and, I want a coffee.

So, when’s the egg gonna crack open?

That’s what I’d be asking. That’s what I am asking.

What’s gonna come out of it?

We're in a period of gestation if you ask me.

Instead of 9months … it’s been 9 million years … give or take a few.


I’m a parasite.

That’s a trip.

But, I mustn’t be too hard on myself. Parasites are a real pain in the ass to get rid of …

It’s not the worst thing I’ve been called.

I don’t have to have any big brain to notice that the sun is something of a mother figure … warming her egg … keeping her egg cozy.

The sun is a mother hen.

Sitting on her egg.

It’s not all that unpleasant.

I’m just a hair follicle …

I’m a parasite on a hair follicle.

Drinking coffee … looking out the window at the budding tree outside of my second story window … where the big-ass-bees like to drink their nectar lately.

Someone told me they don’t sting. Those bumble bees.

I never want to find out.

If they don’t sting then … how do they protect themselves?

How come I didn’t come with a stinger?

I have to make my own and enlist some guru to teach me?

I must have a stinger somewhere?

Nope, nothing popping out.

It sucks to be a parasite.

The world is a vacuum.

We’re all sucked-in.

Wishing is stupid.

I wish, I wish …

Stupidest words ever.

My favorite show as a child was the ‘little prince’ … he had his own planet.

He had a flower that was a bit of a pain (if I recall). I think he actually left the planet just to get away from her.

I’m never saying: “I wish” ever again. It’s the stupidest words ever put together. I wonder who said them first?

Probably Socrates.

“I wish I had some damn shoes!” And then Plato ran as fast as he could to go get him some.

The shoes were never good enough.

Too big, too small … too loose, too tight … That’s why they invented sandals, I bet.

Just to shut Socrates up.

What was his deal about not writing anything down? I mean, that’s very convenient. (for all his followers) … I guess Socrates said everything. There’s no proof that he didn’t.

Who cares about Socrates? I don’t.

Fuck him.

It’s a mad, mad world. (I bet I’m not the first to write that?)

At any moment, an asteroid can come flying around and just rip the shit out of everything in front of me … including me.

Nice thought.

Talk about a parasite remover.

That’ll do the trick.

We humans must be really difficult to get rid of … considering the flood.

All the history of devastations …

Someone is always smart enough to go hide in a cave somewhere. Impregnate some starving female.

I wonder how many times we’ve been to this point of civilization? Planes, trains … cars … heating oil? Electricity?

Then God just throws a rock at us and we’re back in the dark ages …

First you take a stick … then, you take another stick … rub sticks vigorously together … make fire … eat a zebra.

God is: an electric light bulb.


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      goego 2 years ago from Loserland

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      CMarie 2 years ago from York, Maine

    • goego profile image

      goego 2 years ago from Loserland

    • c-m-hall profile image

      CMarie 2 years ago from York, Maine

    • goego profile image

      goego 2 years ago from Loserland

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