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Updated on January 3, 2016


God gave us a rainbow
As a colorful reminder
That He would not bring the rain again
And wash away our violence

When I see it in the clouds
I give Him praise
As it shines above me now
I'm swept away

God gave me a rainbow
When the storm had held me captive
how I felt that it would never end
And nothing good could happen

The morning broke upon my eyes to see
His promise that He's always there for me

Thunder will not cease its clamor
Lightning will come flashing after
Whipping winds keep blowing in new chapters
As we pray to see the end of our disasters

God give me a rainbow
Oh I long to see its brilliance
Yes my skies have been so gray
They take away all my resilience

I will wait upon the blue skies that you bring
The joy that manifests in suffering


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