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Godly Encouragement And Enlightenment For My Young Adult Children

Updated on March 19, 2011

Stay consistant, Never Give Up, Little By Little


When we live in the worldly systems of life. job, family, friends, fun, pleasure, It's all corrupted by sin/devil. So there's no realness to it. Especially noticable for the people with little means and for people that are really chosen of God and don't realize it or walk with God though they know. The devil takes full advantage and frustrate the heck out of us!   God doesn't make us He wants us to want Him, His ways; Not relegion, or church, but HIM, He wants a relationship like you have with friend, mom, cousin, aunt and uncle. He's your Father. He loves and treat us like His children, doing His part but we don't know how or just don't do our part in spending time with Him, loving Him, listening and obeying Him. We have to do it or life is way less than what He desire for us to have.   We listen a little and obey a little and the other part is us and satan. When it us and satan God backs off. He stops, waiting for us to come back and listen and follow Him. We can't mix it for things to work out Good. God will not compromise His Word with us; we have to embrace His Word and do what it says, believe what it says, let it be the reason we do whatever we do, our motives must be pure meaning not selfish but out of LOVE. I'm talking about the LOVE of God, not natural love; it's not pure been stained with Sin and perverted by the devil. What we THINK is LOVE really isn't. Don't take my word for it. Read like I did Corinthians 13 chapter and compare it with what you think love is, you'll see what I mean.     He doesn't put us in bad situation, make us sick or broke. Sin does that and disobedience, making wrong choices. But if we follow God and do it His way, it will work out Good and have a full, happy life. A long process though but it will happen. That's why it's so important to study and study and believe and recieve God's Word into our hearts and minds. Be renewed, Become a New Creation. Most of that is done through the Word as far as changing our thinking and what we believe which will change our choices and decisions. It will move us from darkness to light, from living sinfully to being the rightousness of God in action. Now remember it's a long process to become mature and walking and living this out to the full. But God the Holy Spirit will lead us through it. Our job is to obey what He's leading us to do, to change, to cast off, to embrass and to love more. Just like it takes a long time to grow up from being an infant to being an adult in natural living, so it is in our spiritual life with God. Learning and growing to become mature in God. And know this, the blood of Jesus Christ cleasne us from all sin that we've done and will ever do. We just have to confess when we do wrong and turn from it. Don't worry, God will help you over it, if you feel like I can never stop this. Devil want you to believe you can't. But God already overcame it for you. He now trying to get you to understand that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do and you'll get the power to overcome as you STUDY and BELIEVE His Word! You'll find your heart and mind changing about that thing and a lot of other stuff as well. You'll be like, no I want to do that anymore. huh. I lost the desire. You're being purified by God the Holy Spirit.     I'm experiencing it now. Everything isn't full yet in my life but these past 3yrs I'm much better in every area of my life, money, health, joy, peace and I gets better everyday. Look back and wonder why I didn't take on His ways sooner. I know, it was self, devil, making me think I could handle things or do this part with God but I'll handle the rest.  Let Him be my savior but not my Lord. Savior save me from stuff but Lord, I obey Him and serve His people to bring them to Him. Not let them use me. That's the enemy. But I do what the spirit leads me to do and anything that moves me from my peace and starts really to bring me down or resentful. I check it, Satan somewhere, In them or in me. You have to be careful with that. I know don't will move me out of my comfort zone but he won't oppress me.   When you try to do God and yet have a lot of your thinking of what's right and wrong, fair and unfair, and your emotions get involved! the devil use that to kill your faith and still your joy. Get you to do things you really don't want to do. Miserable! I was in church with this.    But when I stop looking to church and started a relationship with Him for myself awe, things changed greatly! I talked with Him, I study, I take notes and study them, not just pass em up. I walk talking with Him, I eat mediating about who I am in Him. And what He gave me when He took that beating and hung and died. And understanding communion, seeing how he reversed the curses of Adam and Know without a doubt I'm not apart of the curses anymore. I study, I meditate on it. Devil fights the mind to keep that. But the more I do the more victory I have, I see. And more than that God talks to me!. If you can hear from Him, that's the most important thing in life. Being able to hear God speak to you, what an awesome honor! we take it lightly, but I don't anymore. I realize what that means.   God talking with me. I'm on His mind, He cares about me, He wants to do me good, He has a purpose for me. Me! The almighty God, my heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth loves me enough to talk to me for me to know He's with me inspite of myself. And if you hear from Him, then you should know what I'm saying. If not, open up your mind and heart and see and feel His love for you.   Said so, YOU are a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, chosen and set aside for my use. Kings and Queens are in YOU. Love yourself, respect yourself and You won't let anyone else misuse YOU! That's why the devil mess with your self esteem and make people treat you wrong, He hates God's creation and want to make us hate ourselves and others to destroy us all. But the Devil IS A LIAR! was from the beginning of time.   I tell you the truth! You are an overcomer, a victor, a mighty man or woman of God! You are the head and not the tail, above ONLY and not beneath. A lender and not a borrow! Why? because that's who God created you to BE! In His Word and His Word is ALIVE, it's TRUTH all He wants you to do is BELIEVE and He'll bring it right to YOU! through your efforts and just devine favor. Don't worry about it Just BE lieve. Nothing else you need to do, it's coming. Believe and keep saying out loud, hear yourself and let heaven and the devil hear it too! God Got Your BACK. I declare it in and over your life through the Blood of Jesus in His name, Amen!   Confessions:
  • I am in Christ and Christ is in me
  • I'm highly favored, deeply loved,  greatly and richly blessed
  • I live in the fulness of God; that means
  • nothing missing, nothing wanted, nothing needed
  • I am covered under the blood of Jesus
  • No weapon formed against me shall prosper 

A jewel to treasure: The most important thing in life is to be able to hear God's voice.



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