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God's Book of Life

Updated on September 19, 2012

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All Rights Reserved.
All Rights Reserved.

Standing At The Gate

Is your name written in God's Book of Life? We can only hope that our names are. We can choose to live our lives following Christ, His Son, and we are told that if we do, we will inherit the Kingdom of God and live with Him in Heaven, forever. We will all stand before the gate in Heaven and there we will be allowed to enter or be turned away to be separated from our families and friends forever. We are told that every deed that we do, be it good or bad, is recorded on the pages of God's book. That may be hard to believe for many people, but it is true. In fact, if it is written in the Holy Scriptures, it is truth and all will come to pass, that has not already. Your every move and thought is recorded by our Maker. Have you heard the song, "His Eye is on the Sparrow", and how we know He is watching us? God knows all things and the outcome of everything on this earth. He created it all and He has planned our entire existence. No matter what a man may say, be it good or bad, for our Creator or against, The Lord God made us all and will judge us at the day we die and our souls come before Him for His judgement.

His Son Jesus was sent to be a sacrifice for us on this earth and to be forgiven of all sins. In John 3-16 and17 we hear with our own ears and see with our own eyes what God has done for us all. If we choose to be forgiven and follow Him we will be accepted into Heaven and reside there with our Lord God and all of our loved ones and friends, forever. Could we live a bad life full of sinful ways and at the last moment be forgiven? Yes we can. If you have read or been told by others about the day on Calvary that our Lord Jesus gave up his life for us all, and that he was hung on that wooden cross between two others who were being crucified that day, a man who had been a sinner asked Him if he would be forgiven and blessed by Jesus. Jesus told the sinful man that on that day he was forgiven and that he would go together with him to join their God in Heaven. Yes, thank you Lord for forgiving us of our sins.

In the movie"The Robe" the Lord's forgiveness was shown to us when the soldier who picked up the garment once covering our Lord Jesus on the cross and became saved. Marcellus is in charge of the group picked to crucify Jesus and later a slave of his shows him the way in his self sacrifice and Marcellus becomes a Christian. The Lord's forgiveness knows no bounds. We were all created in our makers own image and He wants us all to live and enjoy our lives on this beautiful planet. Jesus is sent as His Son and the answer to man's need to be forgiven of sinful nature and as a leader on the right pathway taking us all to be with our God and abide with Him forever. On the cross, the Lord Jesus asks our God to forgive his tormentors, for they knew not what they did. The Lord then asks His Father to take his spirit into Heaven and join His own.

The movies about being left behind on this earth and seeing loved ones disappearing before their eyes, has a poignant message to believers. We are given first hand proof of what the scriptures tell us, and interpreted in a different way, with basically the same message as the scriptures, The concept of being left behind and remaining on the earth to face the harsh tribulation to follow, is frightening to many who see such warnings. How would you or I feel if we saw our wives, husbands, children and other loved ones leave us and go to be with their God? How empty we would feel and in a state of panic and great remorse in loosing our families, and that we must now face the harsh times to come, alone. We can't make the decision in a state of being threatened and having to choose to follow our Lord Christ just so that we will be there with our loved ones We must accept our Christ freely and without threat. We will do it because we love Him and will choose to follow His goodness for which our Creator intended for us all to do. In the last days we will be taken up in the Rapture and our bodies will be changed. We will go to be with Lord Jesus and our God.

As we stand at the gate, we will be judged and the good and pure of spirit in Christ will be taken inside to reside there for ever more. Those who have chosen not to follow Him and live a life of continuing sinful ways will be cast aside. The clean, the pure, and forgiven will become one in the great light and spirit of out creator. Will your name be written in the Lord's Book of Life? I hope, with all my heart, that mine will be there beside yours and we will join our God, just as He intended for us all to do with our creation.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I painted this six foot depiction of Christ Jesus and posted it next to a huge Oak tree in my front yard. At the time it was on a busy highway and thousands could view it weekly as they went to and from on the highway. I hope my message and that of the Lord was received and well accepted in that time so long ago. It became soiled in time but still held that special message that only the Lord Jesus could give to those who will accept him. It remained pure in meaning and a precious sign posted to bring others into the fold.