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Gods Greatest Gift: The Servant Is King-a Tale of Passion

Updated on June 28, 2020
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An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.

Beginning of the Tale

( This tale was told to me when I had been to my village some time back, I have given it the veneer of the fiction writer)

In Burhanpur in Central India lived a rich Zamindar named Hiren Shah. This man was the epitome of a feudal lord and master of all that he surveyed. Shah was
a rich man; so rich that all meals in his palatial abode were always eaten in gold plated dishes. But despite his tons of money and power, Shah was not
happy; for he had no children. Despite this handicap, he was a good, wise, and generous man and his fame had likewise spread far and wide among the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. In fact, the populace looked up to him as a savior and benign benefactor. He was indeed the perfect model of a benevolent dictator.
Hiren Shah was a man true to god. He prayed every day as enjoined in the scriptures and also gave alms generously to the poor and needy. No visitor to his haveli would ever go away empty-handed. Such was the generosity of the noble Zamindar that people looked up to him for succor and help in times of trouble and obeyed him implicitly. Shah had now reached the age of sixty, but his passion and ardor for the fair sex had not diminished at all, nor his desire for a progeny.

With passing age, he desired nay craved for younger and more beautiful women. But alas father time must take its toll and now it had become a case of the spirit being willing but the flesh is weak. But despite this, the flame of passion and desire burned in the heart of the man. Shah as per the norm of the nobles in India had five wives. The oldest of whom was touching fifty and youngest barely twenty.

Nowadays these women waited in vain for a visit from their master; but alas it was not to be. Shah avoided going to the women, for his inadequacies would be exposed and more importantly he found the women stale. He desired a fresh young girl who should rejuvenate him, as well as give him an heir and he waited for such a girl.

The new wife

One day he got into his Benz and instructed the driver to take him out. The car soon hit the kutcha roads with Shah in the rear seat. It was early morning and the countryside glistened with greenery all around. A cool breeze blew and Shah thought of the benevolence of Lord Krishna. They soon neared a small bridge over a rivulet close to one of the villages. As the Benz slowed down to cross the bridge, Shah saw a sight that warmed the cockerel in his heart. He espied a young girl washing in the flowing waters of the stream. The girl could not be more than sixteen but her freshness and beauty captivated him. He felt the stirrings of desire as he looked at the girl.
“Stop,” he instructed the driver.
The driver brought the sedan to a halt in the center of the bridge and Shahj was witness to the girl lifting up her sari and splash the water on her legs. Shah could do nothing but stare at the incandescent white flesh of her thighs, calves, and ankles, so smooth, shapely, and lovely that at that moment Shah desired nothing but to possess that lovely muse.
“Perhaps she will kindle my dormant sex life and God in his benevolence may give me a son,” he uttered to himself. It began to drizzle and the girl pulled her sari down.

After a few moments, she happened to look up and saw the car on the bridge. Shyly she adjusted her dress and fled, leaving Shah in a state of tension

He returned to his palace with his mind in some turmoil. As he stepped out of the car, his valet Iqbal came running up to him. He was a young man with a strongly built body, but his face was deeply marked and scarred; the result of a visit by the pox in his childhood. This made him look grotesque. But his loyalty was unquestioned and
the Zamindar relied on him. He was a Muslim, though he never prayed 5 times a day.

Despite his hideous appearance, Iqbal had been blessed by Allah in his infinite wisdom with a physical gift of such magnificent proportion and remarkable endurance as to satisfy the most wanton of women. This was a secret not known to anyone. The Zamindar called him and asked him.
“How goes it, Iqbal?”
“Huzoor, all is well.”
“Good! You must do a spot of work for me. Go down to the village and find out whose daughter was playing by the village stream today.”
“Ji Huzoor.”
“After that propose to the father and ask for her hand for me.”
“Ji Huzoor.”
“And yes, do take ten gold sovereigns as my gift for the father.”
“Ji, Malik I shall do the needful.”

It transpired that the girl was the daughter of one Zakir Khan a poor farmer with six daughters. When he heard the proposal from the lips of Iqbal, he felt a pang in
his conscience, but when the valet handed over the ten gold sovereigns he readily consented. At least he thought my daughter will not lead a life of penury but of relative
opulence. So, he gave his consent.

The girl's name was Nasreen and when Ahmed saw her face he was captivated by her beauty.
“Yes,” he thought “she will be the jewel of my life.”
That night he sent for Nasreen. Iqbal escorted her to the Zamindars chambers. The girl entered the luxurious room softly. Ahmed Shah sat on a low couch. Demurely the eighteen-year-old stood before Shah with her head bowed. She was tall, slim, and very fair and Shah exulted at his prize. Impatient, he got up from the couch and lifted up her kameez. He yanked it over her head. Her bare breasts stood out; It was obvious they had not known any yoke or master. With a trembling hand, he caressed them with his hands and then untied the cord of her salwar, allowing it to slide down.

Shah made her stand in front of him so that he could imbibe her beauty. He was fascinated by the sweep and spring of her back and bottom. The curve of belly and the glorious slim thighs. Shah felt strong and said," Come,” as he beckoned her to the couch.

It was a case of the spirit being willing but the flesh is weak; alas! At the critical moment, Hiren felt his self-control desert him and he arose up and muttered,
“The time has not yet come, I shall come again tonight.”

Nasreen got up and quietly; then silently she left. Shah saw the look of disdain on her face and shuddered “Oh God show me the way”. Iqbal saw the girl emerge from the master’s chambers. He was not surprised at her early exit from the room for he had some inkling of the happenings in the haveli; the few and far in-between visits of the Zamindar to his wives and the chaffing of the wives. Seeing the girl leave in an irate mood, he formed a devilish plan.

Love tryst

Nasreen went to her room and flung herself on the bed. She was in an angry mood. There and then she made up her mind to expose the Zamindar, first thing in
the morning. She looked up at the ceiling and saw the fan whirl slowly. She cursed her luck when a soft knock on the door attracted her attention.
“Who is it?” She asked curtly.
“It’s me, Shah “replied Iqbal. He was impersonating the master.
Surprised she replied, “Come in…”
She saw a figure enter with a covered face.
“Huzoor,” she asked, "what is the matter? why have you covered your face”
Iqbal did not answer but lifted up his robe and displayed the greatest of God's gift. It was frightening and Nasreen felt a rising fear at the sight.
“Huzoor,” she whispered, “I am frightened”
Iqbal however kept silent and disrobed Nasreen completely. She resisted and in the process, his face became uncovered. She held her breath as she saw who he was. The grotesque pockmarked face frightened her.
“No,” she said, “Go away…”

Iqbal was very strong and Nasreen could do nothing but slip out of the robe entirely. The situation she found herself in was proving a bit more difficult and she had an element of fear at the unexpected happening. She could not shout as it would have gone against her.

Nasreen heard the command "strip!” Iqbal was firm and authoritative, coupled with God's gift which she had seen made her desire to obey even stronger. She was completely at the mercy of Iqbal. She tried to back away but Iqbal held her firmly and was followed by a half-choked cry from Nasreen. She wondered at her submission and she kissed the hideous face with vigor. She did not find it abhorrent at all to shower kisses on Iqbal as he filled her. Thus, the entire night was passed in rare transports of love.

The trysts between the two now became regular. But such an affair could not go on un-noticed and the truth was bound to come out. One day Iqbal entered the
bedroom of Nasreen and quickly embraced her.
“Rani sahib, do you find me repulsive?”
She did not reply but only closed her eyes as the love tryst began. Both were oblivious to the entry of Rani and Varsha two other wives of Shah. Rani was middle-aged while Varsha was in her early thirties. Both were however remarkably well preserved.

“Well,” Rani said, “What is this! A love tryst?”
Hearing these words, frightened both the lovers.
“Oh, what is it,” Iqbal asked in some bewilderment.
When both the ladies saw Iqbal, their astonishment was great. For it was apparent to them that Nasreen had made a great conquest and discovery. Something indeed
worthy of their attention. For there was no doubt that God had seen fit to bestow on Iqbal gifts of such magnificent proportion and remarkable endurance the like
of which they had never seen. Iqbal had no choice but to comply with the demands of the two women. He serviced both women the entire night like a veritable bull.

Finale and happy ending

The news of the exploits of Iqbal soon spread in the house and it was not long ere all the wives fell prey to him. Even the eldest Rekha, though touching 50 did not
want to be left behind. But thanks to his prowess he could satisfy all the good ladies.
About three months later the family doctor visited Hiren Shah
“Huzoor, I have good news for you. Something that will thrill you”
“What is it? Have you got an elixir for perpetual youth?”
“Huzoor, something much better that shows that you have the gift of the almighty.”

“Don’t talk in riddles man, what have you to tell me?”
“Huzoor, all your wives are with child”
Hiren Shah was surprised, “Really, even Rekha?” he asked hesitantly.
“Ji! You are great Shah sir!”
Hiren Shah was surprised but confused but he did not show it to the good doctor. All he said was,” I am so happy ….”
The prince was a man of rare wisdom and compassion. He realized that only Iqbal his valet could have done it. After the doctor left he summoned the valet
“You rascal,” he said “you have bested me hollow”
“I’m sorry Huzoor”
Iqbal stood with bowed head before him.
“I’m going to give you a lakh of rupees to go away.”
Iqbal left for Calcutta and in due course, all the pregnant wives gave birth to a great many lovely children and the people in the villages whispered.
“Ah! What a man! So fit and strong. How great he is”
The image of Hiren Shah shone brighter than ever but he never married again. What about Iqbal? Well, he went away and with such a tidy sum of money never came back. It was as if the earth had swallowed him. The Zamindar? He and his wives lived happily ever after.


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